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Blessed Cosmopolitan College (BCC) is a UK-based institution that is registered as a private company under the Companies Act 2006 in England and Wales. It is recognized by the Registrar of Companies under section 1115 of the same Act.

BCC UK is accredited by the Global Accreditation Council for Technical and Higher Education (GACTHE) as a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Accredited College. It offers a range of education programs in fields such as Higher Education, Executive Business Education, Health Sciences, Management, Security Management, Peace and Conflict Management, Safety, and more. These programs are offered at different levels, including Certificate, Diploma, Certified Professional Diploma, and development programs, along with Educational Support Services.

The college holds ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management, awarded by American Certification Services Global Programs in the United States. It is also a member of the Cambridge Network and the Association of Health Trainers in the United Kingdom.

BCC UK is a registered learning provider in the United Kingdom with the UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) 10093494.

The institution specializes in offering affordable and tailored short courses that develop essential business, health sciences, leadership, and management skills for organizations and society. The college places emphasis on nurturing capable health workers, business leaders, and managers in emerging economies.

BCC UK's courses are designed by experts and undergo a stringent quality assurance process overseen by the Academic Board. The college collaborates with esteemed institutions to enhance the employability and productivity of young individuals.

Blessed Cosmopolitan College is a UK -based institution incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company in England and Wales, Registrar of Companies under section 1115 of the Companies Act 2006.

BCC UK is a UK CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Accredited College, Accredited by Global Accreditation Council Technical and Higher Education (GACTHE) with Accreditation number: GACTHE/BCCUK/3458E/2330.  BCC UK offers Higher Education Programs, Executive Business Education, Health Sciences, Management, Security Management, Peace and Conflict Management, Safety,  etc. at Certificate level, Diploma level Certified and Professional diploma, development programs and Educational Support Services.

BCC UK is also ISO 9001:2015 certified for Quality Management by American Certification Services Global Programs , United States of American. ISO Certification number: ACSGP-BCCUK-QMS-5112.

The College is a Member of Cambridge Network (, United Kingdom also a member of Association of Health Trainers, United Kingdom.

BCC UK is a United Kingdom Registered Learning Provider . UKPRN: 10093494

 BCC UK provides affordable, customized short courses that are relevant to developing key business, Health Sciences, leadership and management competencies within organizations and society at large. We are particularly focused on building competent Health workers, business leaders and managers in emerging market economies.


The curricula of our industry-relevant courses have been produced by some of the world’s leading experts. All of our courses have been standardized through the rigorous quality assurance process that is overseen by our Academic Board.

BCC UK is in Partnership with several renowned Institution, to improve employability and workplace productivity for Youths.

Our courses continue to be used to train employees of leading organizations in United States of America, United Kingdom, Asia, Africa and the MENA region. Our courses have attracted multinational companies and others yet to come.  

Products and services

Professional Diploma in Operations Management

This training programme is organized by Blessed Cosmopolitan College, UK through its Nigerian Authorize Training Partner; ILEARN AFRICA.


1. Introduction to Operations management 

​​​2. Operations strategy

3. Product design and process selection

4. Total Quality Management

5. Statistical Process Control

6. Supply Chain Management

7. Just in Time (JIT) & Lean systems

8. Capacity Planning

9. Facility Location & layouts

10. Work systems design

11. Project Management

12. Inventory Management

1. *Total Cost Fee:* N60, 000 (discounted cost)_ . *_Start Date* : 21st October, 2023_ *_Duration* : 5 Weekends (Saturday's)_ . _Time: 10 am - 2pm_ *_Entry Requirements_* _A minimum of BSC, HND, ND, Professional diploma or it's equivalent in any discipline_ *_Professional Examination Date:* 18th November, 2023._ . _Certificate: Professional Diploma in Operations Management_ & Transcript 9. _Awarding Institute: Blessed Cosmopolitan College United Kingdom_ _10: Verification of Certificate: The certificate can be verified via the institute's website._ *Status of certificate/* *institute* : Globally recognized and acceptable._ *How to verify ILEARN AFRICA's* partnership with Blessed Cosmopolitan College United Kingdom?_ *Response* : _Visit the institute's website:

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Professional certificate course human resources and crewing for maritime personnel

*Blessed Cosmopolitan College, UK* 🇬🇧

is organizing a 3 days Professional course in *Human Resource and Crewing for Maritime Personnels* via it's Nigerian Affiliate: *CEEHONEY DIGITAL HUB, an ALISON Affiliate Partner* for the award of an internationally recognized certificate. 


⏹️ Boost your knowledge in HR and Crewing for better productivity 

⏹️Certificate is globally accepted 

⏹️ An added advantage for promotion & placement 


*Day 1: Introduction to HR and Crewing in the Maritime Industry*

1. Understanding the Maritime Industry

   - Overview of the maritime sector, its significance, and current trends.

   - Key stakeholders and their roles in the industry.


2. Importance of HR and Crewing in Maritime Operations

   - Recognizing the critical role of human resources and crewing in ensuring safe and efficient maritime operations.

   - Challenges and opportunities in managing maritime personnel.


3. Maritime Employment Regulations and Standards

   - Familiarization with international and regional regulations governing maritime employment.

   - Compliance with STCW (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping) requirements.


4. Maritime Recruitment and Selection

   - Identifying the right candidates for various maritime roles.

   - Best practices in the recruitment and selection process.


*Day 2: Crew Management and Development*


1. Crewing Strategies and Planning

   - Understanding crewing strategies and their impact on operational efficiency.

   - Planning for crew rotations, relief, and rest periods.


2. Crew Training and Competency Development

   - Identifying competency requirements for different maritime positions.

   - Designing effective training programs and assessing training effectiveness.


3. Performance Management for Maritime Personnel

   - Setting performance standards and expectations.

   - Conducting performance evaluations and providing constructive feedback.


4. Crew Welfare and Wellbeing

   - Addressing crew welfare and mental health concerns.

   - Strategies to promote a positive onboard work environment.


*@HR Challenges and Solutions in the Maritime Industry*


1. Crew Retention and Motivation

   - Identifying factors affecting crew retention.

   - Implementing strategies to motivate and retain valuable crew members.


2. Multicultural Workforce Management

   - Navigating cultural differences and fostering an inclusive work environment.

   - Communication and teamwork in a diverse crew setting.


3. Managing Crisis and Emergency Situations

   - Preparedness for handling crises and emergencies onboard.

   - Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of maritime personnel during critical incidents.


4. Future Trends in HR and Crewing

   - Exploring emerging technologies and their impact on crew management.

   - Anticipating future challenges and opportunities in the maritime industry.


Course Conclusion and Assessment:

- Recap of key concepts and takeaways from the course.

- Assessment of participants' understanding through quizzes or group discussions.



▪️Professional Certificate in HR and Crewing From Blessed Cosmopolitan College, UK🇬🇧.

▪️ Certificate of Participation from CEEHONEY DIGITAL HUB

▪️ Academic Transcript from Blessed Cosmopolitan College, UK 🇬🇧


*Date:* Friday 1st September - Saturday 2nd September,2023.


*Time:* 7pm - 10pm Daily 

Training Venue:* Virtual 


*Fee:* N30,000 (N25,000 for Early Bird).


*Join the WhatsApp group for more Information and update:***

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Professional Diploma in Caregiving (LEVEL 4)

Blessed Cosmopolitan College United Kingdom (BCC UK) 🇬🇧 is organizing a 5 weekends Professional training in Care Giving * via it's  Authorized Training Provider, *ILEARN AFRICA


Module 1: Course Introduction
Module 2: Person-Centered Care
Module 3: Communication & Care giving
Module 4: Clients and Their Rights 
Module 5: The Caregiver
Module 6: Infection Control and Prevention 
Module 7: Mobility
Module 8: Skin and Body Care 
Module 9: Nutrition and Food Handling
Module 10: Toileting 
Module 11: Nurse Delegation and Medications
Module 12: Self-Care for Caregivers

Acceptance: Certification is Globally accepted.

Recognition: BCC UK is a Member of  Cambridge Network UK, Association of Health Trainers, UK, ISO 9001 Certified,   a United Kingdom Registered Learning Provider(UKRLP),   UK CPD provider,  Accredited by Global Accreditation Council Technical and Higher Education (GACTHE) amongst others. 

Start Date: Saturday 9th September 2023 -  Saturday 7th October, 2023 (5 Saturday's)


Time: 10am- 1pm Daily

 Online Live Instructor  Class holds via Zoom 


1. Professional Diploma in Care Giving  from Blessed Cosmopolitan College United Kingdom

2. Transcript from Blessed Cosmopolitan College United Kingdom

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Professional Certificate Course in Mental Health Awareness

*Blessed Cosmopolitan College, UK* 🇬🇧
is organizing a weekend professional course in  *Mental Health Awareness* via authorized training provider: *MJB Management and Integrated Services* for the award of an internationally recognized certificate. 


⏹️ Proper knowledge and understanding of mental wellbeing, tools, and guidelines for well-being management. 


⏹️ Boost your mental health and productivity 

⏹️Certificate is globally accepted 

⏹️ An added advantage for promotion & placement 


This program consists of 4 Major Areas:

✅Mental Health awareness and well-being

✅Depression and Its Treatment 

✅Anxiety Disorders 

✅ Stress Awareness and Management


Professional Certificate in Mental Health Awareness 



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