Cam AI Ltd

Cam AI is a tech start up using conversational AI to help adolescents with emerging mental health issues.

We are striving to deliver scalable, accessible, & cost-effective psychological interventions to improve the mental health of young people using chatbot technology & cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.

At Cam AI our overarching mission is to improve the mental health of millions of young people through early, real-time, psychological interventions, using conversational AI. 

We are responsibly developing an authentic and transparent chatbot trained on proven therapeutic techniques. Using conversation driven development our chatbot will automatically predict and personalise what professional therapists would say in similar, highly nuanced situations in order to respond ethically and reliably to users.

As a certified medical device the aim is to provide accessible and timely adolescent mental health support to tackle potentially harmful behaviours at the earliest point of escalation.

We are a University of Cambridge spin-out and an early stage start-up, with pre-seed funding. Our small team of accredited mental health care providers, engineers and academics have a wealth of qualified psychotherapy and machine learning knowledge and experience. 

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