Pincheck Ltd

Pincheck Ltd is a consultancy providing business continuity, leadership, and crisis management services including:

* Workshops and training
* Creation or verification of existing documentation
* Review of processes and plans
* Exercises to develop and prove concepts

Pincheck Ltd was established by a multilingual former Army officer with broad experience in property and facilities management, risk mitigation, problem-solving, relationship building, and decision-making. This profile makes for a uniquely insightful approach.

Pincheck Ltd was established in May 2023 by Harry Joseph, a linguist and former Army officer with several years' further experience as Operations Director for a Cambridge University college.

Harry's knowledge is underpinned by 12+ years' professional experience including global military operations and work as the Operations Director for a Cambridge University college. Almost two decades of multilingual and intercultural training in French, German, and Mandarin Chinese provide a unique perspective on stakeholder management, interpersonal relationships, and expected norms.

Products and services

Business Continuity and Crisis Management

* Create, develop, and verify Business Continuity Plans

* Audit plans with exercises and tests

* Develop understanding and embedded crisis management within your organisation

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