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Our job at CyberScale is to demystify Cyber & Information security for Business Owners & Leaders.

CyberScale specialise in business focused cyber and information security. We help organisations understand and manage cyber and information security from evolving threats to data, systems, and reputation without disrupting productivity by following a simple approach: Assessment: Understand the risks to your business and identify the gaps in your current protection. Strategy: Providing you with a visible, prioritised action plan to better secure your business now and in the future. Training & Implementation: Minimise your risks and prepare your team through implementing your strategy and educating your teams.

Armed with a clear understanding of Cyber related risks and how they specifically relate to their organisation, the business leaders and teams that we work with become better equipped to improve their security, resilience and compliance, supported by our team of qualified and experienced security specialists.

Cyber Security Assessments, Third Party Risk Management, Awareness Training, Incident Response planning and exercises, ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, NIS CAF advisory and outsourced cyber/information security management/vCISO all form part of our portfolio of services available to businesses, always tailored to the needs to each individual business and their business objectives.

Products and services

Security Incident Response Planning and Exercises

Most business are becoming increasingly aware of the organisational risks and potential for financial loss and reputational damage posed by cyber-attacks. 

Even with the best preventative measures in place, data breaches still happen and a formalised security Incident Response Plan is a key tool to improve resilience. 

CyberScale will work with you to build our your incident response plan, integrate it with other plans such as disaster recovery, and test your plans with your team.

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Outsourced security manager (vCISO)

In many businesses, a gap exists between Senior Leadership and IT, especially when it comes to Security.

Designed for companies who do not require a full time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), but understand the importance of having someone within the team fully focused on the security of the organisation, a vCISO from CyberScale will partner with you to understand your business, your risks and goals.

From the information we gather, we will formulate, direct and implement your cyber and information security strategy, working on a part-time basis and providing you with the expertise and direction your business needs to stay ahead of threats that threaten your business operations and reputation.

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ISO 27001

Increasingly a requirement for attaining and retaining business in a B2B environment, implementing ISO 27001 will demonstrate to your clients that you take information security seriously and your business is taking appropriate steps to identify, reduce and manage the risk associated with the data they share with you and the products and services you provide.

Our ISO 27001 services, performed by qualified Lead Implementors and Auditors, will work with you to prepare your organisation for certification audits and support your compliance efforts on an ongoing basis.

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One-Day Cyber Assessments for micro and small businesses

Specifically designed for business with less than 25 employees, our one-day cyber assessments give a clear picture of your Cyber Security posture by working with an experienced consultant – a real person, not a standard form with an automated report.

In a single day, your consultant will provide you with a clear view of your risks, and a set of recommended actions to take to manage them – all explained in clear English with no technical jargon.

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Cyber Security Assessments

We'll help you to identify the risks to your business, along with the measures you need to keep your business and your clients’ data secure.

Presented and explained in a clear, easy to follow security road-map, a cyber security assessment will empower you with the information you to make your business secure and resilient, now and in the future

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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Awareness training delivered by experienced security consultants and tailored for your organisation.

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