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We do deep tech, you create the future. We are Cambridge Consultants, the deep tech powerhouse of Capgemini.

We do deep tech, you create the future… we are Cambridge Consultants. We do extraordinary, new-to-the-world deep tech innovation. What is deep tech? It’s a mindset; a bold strategy that harnesses radical science and engineering to achieve things no-one else can. It enables our clients to gain unassailable commercial advantage from defendable technology that they own. Markets are redefined, and the world takes notice. 

As the deep tech powerhouse of Capgemini, we’re ready to work with you to create technologies, services and products that have never been seen before.  And which will transform business, society and the planet. If your ambition is to shatter the status quo, it’s time to get the future you want – with the power of deep tech. 

We are global team of 800, delivering work across 35 countries from offices in Cambridge (UK) Boston (USA), Singapore and Tokyo. We have more than 140 laboratories and over 200,000 square feet of world-class design and development facilities. 

We do deep tech, you create the future. We are Cambridge Consultants, the deep tech powerhouse of Capgemini.


Products and services

Product Developers & Technology Consultants

Cambridge Consultants has an exceptional combination of people, processes, facilities and track record. Brought together, this enables innovative product development and insightful technology consulting.  The typical customer benefits are a faster time to market, increased return on product development investment, and lower risk for our clients.

We provide engineering product development services from idea conception to transfer to production to deliver innovative solutions with:

 •  Reduced time to market
 •  Increased return on investment
 •  Reduced risk

For both innovative start-up companies and world-leading blue-chip organisations, we are trusted partners of R&D and marketing managers providing strategic advice on innovation management, management of R&D, product development and the market strategy for first-in-class products.

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