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Adder Technology is the leading European developer of KVM switching and extender technology. The company's products reduce the complexity, vulnerability and cost of IT environments by providing robust remote access to and direct control of local computing systems.

Adder is a winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise and the Deloitte and Touche Fast 50 Technology Growth Award for a record five consecutive years, the latter of which recognises business achievement in the technology sector.

Company Background

ADDER design and manufacture an advanced range of KVM switches, extenders and IP solutions which enable the reliable control of local, remote and global IT systems.

Founded in Cambridge, UK, in 1984 by Adrian Dickens, a Cambridge University graduate, Adder Technology distributes its products in 60 countries worldwide through a network of distributors, resellers and OEMs.  US headquarters are based in Boston, MA.

We have an impressive track record for bringing successful and profitable products to market. Adder products are renowned for their technical excellence, reliable performance and robust manufacture.

Adder's KVM (Keyboard, Video monitor, Mouse) switches allow users to access and control multiple computers from one (or more) keyboard monitor and mouse. This results in reduced complexity and improved efficiency of IT systems.

Adder's KVM extenders allow the keyboard, monitor (or touchscreen) and mouse to be located remotely from the computer, enabling the remote control of systems due to factors such as security, noise, dirt and heat.

Adder's AV extenders distribute video and audio signals, ideal for Digital Signage and Media Streaming applications such as in-store TV and public information systems.

Adder's KVM-via-IP solutions enable the secure global access and control of IT systems. Our high performance KVM switch technology combined with advanced, integrated VNC support enables the reliable control of mission critical systems.

Adder has a huge user base ranging across markets such as Retail, Financial, Industrial, Medical, Broadcast, Air Traffic Control, Digital Signage, Military and Server Management.

Adder manufactures products under our own brand as well as for a number of well known OEM customers where we are known for our technical expertise and flexible approach.

Our products are marketed and supported by a global network of resellers and distributors, including many leading computer accessory catalogues.

Specific Industries

Examples of how Adder Technology fit into a number of specific industries

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a growth industry, using the flexibility of motion graphics to deliver powerful advertising messages and information tools. The most stable form of signage system relies upon central playout devices delivering video signals via CAT5 or higher cable. The AdderLink AV series of Digital Signage solutions have been specifically designed to deliver bright, accurate video with full saturation and crisp digital audio up to 300 meters from the signal source.

Broadcast. Media and Post

KVM and extension technologies are used commonly throughout broadcast infrastructure. Adder Broadcast KVM and Extension devices can be found from content origination and post production through to control room scenarios. ADDERLink extension products are designed specifically to carry video and audio signals in a pure manner without loss of signal quality. Extenders allow you to relocate noisy machinery, or even share (using KVM) the expensive machinery found in busy production environments. By relocating PC's and similar equipment, the machines can be kept in an environment suited to their optimal running performance, further extending the life of the tools you rely upon.


Developing the absolute latest in ground breaking IP technology, Adder deliver DVI imaging solutions into the world of Radiology and Radiography. Where high resolution Digital DVI images are required to be viewed remotely, the AdderLink IP Gold provides an IP interface enabling images from a scanner to be quickly viewed and discussed from any location. Triple output DVI-I Medical Display controller boards are supported by the Adder range of Multi Head DVI switches for Radiology/PACS, delivering high resolution targeted solutions for medical presentations and operating rooms.

Enterprise I.T.

Adder has designed a range of professional management products well suited to use in enterprise environments. Due to the diverse range of requirements in any enterprise network, almost any Adder product may be of use. Below is a selection of products ideally suited to many enterprise applications.

The IPEPS concept for example is ideal for enterprise networks, allowing full non blocking access to all server and virtual servers from anywhere in the network. You can remotely restart devices, enter BIOS management with minimum bandwidth impact.


Education - The education sector has undergone dramatic changes in presentation technology. Learning and training electronically has brought forward new opportunities to students and lecturers using electronic white boards, remoting of servers, campus wide Digital Signage solutions alongside ICT development tools.

Defence - The defence and security sectors have specialist requirements. From Adder's Development Labs in the UK, Adder provides custom solutions for high speed, high resolution video applications. Adder also provides more standard Secure KVM Switch solutions some of which feature card reading functions.

Police - From AV distribution for traffic management systems to county court AV video distribution systems, Adder's range of extenders for Video, RS232 and USB enable the latest technology to be used by the Police and the Criminal Justice System.


To be a market leader developing and bringing to market products which solve connectivity problems both in response to and in anticipation of user needs. To achieve our goals through continual investment in research and development, product engineering, world class manufacturing and first class customer service. To delight and excite our customers with the products that we offer.


Specialising in providing technically advanced computer access and control products for business users, ADDER has established a strong position and reputation in its market, displaying consistent year on year growth.

Adder has received a steady stream of accolades, including the UK's prestigious Deloitte & Touche Fast-50 Awards for business achievement in the Technology Sector. Adder has won an award all 8 years that the Fast 50 has been running. A UK Queens Award for Enterprise was also awarded to the company in recognition of exceptional export sales achievements.

Adder's products cover a variety of applications with particular growth being seen in its range KVM-via-IP products. Adder has already developed several successful world-first product concepts and the company plans to continue its strategy of significant innovation and ongoing development.

Products and services

Adder launches groundbreaking KVM Extender

Adder launches groundbreaking new twisted pair extender series at Networks-Telecom 2002 
AdderLink X series
AdderLink X-KVM
PS/2 keyboard, mouse and monitor with a resolution of 1600x1280 SVGA across UTP/STP network cable.

AdderLink X-KVM
PS/2 keyboard, mouse and monitor with a resolution of 1600x1280 SVGA across UTP/STP network cable.Maximum distance of 200 mtrs

AdderLink X-KVM/A/S
PS/2 keyboard, mouse and monitor, Audio and RS232 signals via UTP/STP network cable. Video resolution 1600x1280 SVGA is possible. The fully transparent bi-directional RS232 port allows the use of touchscreen interfaces.

X-Dual Video
2 video signals can be transmitted via CAT5/5E or CAT 6 cabling. Ideal for computers with multiple video cards.

AdderLink X-Skew Comp
When a video signal is transferred across CAT5E or CAT6 cable, sometimes colour separation can occur. The AdderLink X-Skew Compensation module allows the user to check the status of the cable 'skew' and fine-tune it to overcome this problem enabling high quality, crystal clear images to be delivered to the desktop across the very latest cabling media.

X-series Rack Mount
This 19' rack mount solution enables 16 transmitter or receiver modules to mounted be across a 2U enclosure

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Adder SmartView Pro - RackMount KVM switch

SmartViewPro is the professional's chice for multiple CPU control.

SmartViewPro is the professional's chice for multiple CPU control.When you need to control and monitor multiple CPUs locally or remotely the SmartViewPro is the KVM switch to use. With two very high performance video, keyboard and mouse control ports allowing local or remote access the SmartViewPro really sets a new standard for multiple CPU controllers. Add to this support for wheel type mice, 'on the fly' programming, password access and On Screen Display and the SmartViewPro stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

* A choice of four models all suitable for rack or desktop use - SV4Pro, SV8Pro, SV12Pro & SV16Pro
* Two keyboard, monitor and mouse control ports - allow local and remote access with over 50 meters distance supported between control points
* SmartBoot feature - automatically boots all machines, of mixed type, during boot-up
* Channel selection - from On Screen Display menu, keyboard, mouse, front panel key, RS232 or remote control ( on 4 and 8 port models)
* Auto-Scan - of all connected PCs in sequence
* Mixed PS/2 and RS232/AT keyboards and mice supported
* Wheel type mouse support
* IBM ThinkPad - portables can be connected just like any other PC
* Very high video bandwidth - supports screen resolution exceeding 1600 x 1200
* On Screen Display - selection menu makes computer identification and channel selection really easy
* Stackable - to provide multi-switch networks with easy channel selection from just one control menu

For more information please contact Adder Technology Sales

AdderView AV2/AV4 Keyboard, monitor and mouse switch

Adder have extended their range of intelligent keyboard, monitor and mouse products with the introduction of their low-cost AdderView.

Adder have extended their range of intelligent keyboard, monitor and mouse products with the introduction of their low-cost AdderView.Two models are available priced at 149 for the two channel AV2 and 179 for the four channel AV4.

This new model is a high specification multiple CPU controller that allows any mix of up to four AT, PS/2 or portable computers to be controlled and monitored from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse.

Applications include control of multiple file servers, communication server control and monitoring, or in an enivironment where two PCs need to be controlled. A common application is a notebook and desktop combination, allowing the notebook to use your desktop PCs full size keyboard and monitor.

* Self powered operation
* SmartBoot feature automatically boots all machines during power-up
* Mixed PS/2 and RS232/AT keyboards and mice supported as standard
* Wheel type mouse support for MS IntelliMouse, Logitech and variants
* Channel switching from front panel key, mouse button combination and hot-key command
* AutoScan of video from all connected PCs in sequence
* IBM ThinkPad support allows ThinkPads to be connected just like any other PC
* High bandwidth video provides high screen resolution of up to 1600 x 1200

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