Salus Wellness Clinics

Salus Wellness Clinics

Salus Wellness is a warm and welcoming private health centre located in the heart of Cambridge, near the Grafton Centre.

Telephone: 01223 300222
Address: 47 Norfolk Street, Cambridge
Postcode: CB1 2LD
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

 At Salus Wellness you will find a team of private health care practitioners working together to provide you with treatments that suit you and your circumstances. We care for people of all ages – from children to the elderly – and have experience in treating most physical, emotional and psychological conditions.

Tio Penev has joined Salus Wellness

Tio Penev joins Salus Wellness Clinics

Tio Penev has joined Salus Wellness this month.

19 March 2019Read in full

James Fitzgerald

Dr James Fitzgerald joins Salus Wellness Clinics

Dr James Fitzgerald has joined Salus Wellness this month.

5 March 2019Read in full

Janine Grant

Janine Grant joins Salus Wellness Clinics

Janine Grant has joined Salus Wellness this month. The team is looking forward to working with Janine to create and grow her successful client base in Cambridge. Janine is another great addition to an already extensive list of professional therapists.

27 February 2019Read in full

Joao Batista Costa

Joao Batista Costa joins Salus Wellness Clinics

Joao Batista Costa has joined Salus Wellness this month.

5 February 2019Read in full


Food intolerance tests - currently on promotion

Salus Wellness is pleased to announce a promotion for a limited number of Lorisian food intolerance test packages.

10 January 2019Read in full

Dr Asha Praseedom

Asha Praseedom joins Salus Wellness

Dr Asha Praseedom, who has just joined Salus Wellness, is a Consultant Psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience in the UK.

9 January 2019Read in full

Menaka Thiru joins Salus Wellness

Menaka Thiru joins Salus Wellness Clinics

Menaka Thiru is a qualified counsellor with over five years’ experience. She usually works on a weekly basis with adults who bring a broad range of issues such as anxiety, depression, family issues, relationship problems and low self-confidence and low self-esteem. She works with person-centred and psychodynamic principles and offers either short-term or open-ended counselling.

17 December 2018Read in full

Tim Holmes

Tim Holmes joins Salus Wellness

Tim Holmes is a fully qualified and experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist, and offers psychotherapy and counselling to adults who have emotional problems that are causing worry or distress.

2 November 2018Read in full

Elodie Valery

Elodie Valery joins Salus Wellness

Elodie Valery, a graduate from the Cranio Sacral Educational Trust in London, is the latest to join Salus Wellness. Registered at the Cranio Sacral Therapy Association (CSTA) in the UK, she also has a qualification in Thai Massage (from Wat Pho), and knowledge of nutrition, especially in ancient Ayurveda Medicine.

24 September 2018Read in full

Elizabeth Sani

Elizabeth Sani joins Salus Wellness

Elizabeth Sani has joined Salus Wellness, offering integrative psychotherapy and counselling for children and families, couples, adolescents, adults, individuals, males and females of any age.

19 September 2018Read in full

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