AstraZeneca is a global, innovation-driven biopharmaceutical business that focuses on the discovery, development and commercialisation of prescription medicines, primarily for the treatment of cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory, inflammation, autoimmune, oncology, infection and neuroscience diseases.

Our skills focus on the discovery, development and commercialisation of medicines for the treatment of some of the world’s greatest healthcare challenges.  Our commitment to making a meaningful difference in healthcare is founded on the pursuit of scientific excellence that addresses unmet patient need. Science is at the heart of AstraZeneca’s future strategy and success – and our aspiration is to achieve scientific leadership. 

In March 2013, we announced our UK global R&D centre and corporate headquarters will be based at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.  The new, purpose-built site will be home to around 2000 highly-skilled staff, as part of our plan to create strategic global R&D centres in Britain, the United States and Sweden.  This will bring together our small molecule and biologics activity, creating opportunities to capitalise on the promise of small and large molecule combinations, improving pipeline productivity and establishing AstraZeneca as a global leader in biopharmaceutical innovation.

The Biomedical Campus will also become our largest centre for oncology research, as well as hosting our work on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, respiratory, inflammatory, autoimmune and nervous system conditions. Projects here will also include medicinal chemistry and high-throughput screening, and the facility will accommodate a number of pre-clinical research capabilities.

AstraZeneca has a long-standing presence in the UK and we're proud to be developing the next generation of medicines in Cambridge. 

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AstraZeneca in Cambridge

In March 2013, we announced plans to establish a new Global R&D Centre and Corporate Headquarters in Cambridge on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, the future home to approximately 2,000 employees. In February 2015, Cambridge City Council granted planning permission for our new site.

Colleagues from our biologics research and development arm, MedImmune (formerly Cambridge Antibody Technology), have long been based in Cambridge. Currently about 500 people are based at Granta Park. MedImmune is known as a world-leader in protein engineering and biologics drug development. In 2014, an additional 400 AstraZeneca employees have begun working at interim Cambridge locations, while the planning and building of our new site progresses. In addition to Granta Park, our interim locations include facilities at Melbourn Science Park and the Cambridge Science Park.

Our move to Cambridge reflects its global importance as a centre for biopharmaceutical research and development. The city offers invaluable access to world-leading scientific expertise and provides excellent opportunities for collaboration with renowned academic research institutions, pre-eminent hospitals and cutting-edge biotech companies.

Our focus on science

The Cambridge site will become our largest centre for oncology research worldwide. Beyond cancer research, our R&D will focus on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, respiratory, inflammation and autoimmune diseases and conditions of the central nervous system. The site will bring together our small molecule and biologics R&D, opening up opportunities to exploit the promise of small and large molecule combinations. Additionally, we will have medicinal chemistry, high-throughput screening and cellular and molecular biology, as well as clinical development and pre-clinical research capabilities located on the site.

As our largest oncology research centre, the new site will also include a purpose-designed rodent facility principally to support our early stage cancer research.

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AstraZeneca in the UK

A global pharmaceutical company with a major UK presence. Through innovation and collaboration we can achieve better health for all.

Our company purpose is to push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines. We believe the best way we can help patients is to be science-led and we share this passion with the scientific, healthcare and business community of the UK.

AstraZeneca has a long and deep-rooted heritage in the UK, which is marked by scientific innovation that stretches back over many decades, where ICI, Zeneca and AstraZeneca scientists have worked closely with other leading scientists, both in the UK and around the world to deliver generations of medicines that have transformed the lives of many patients around the world. The UK has played a vital role in our success and will continue to do so into the future as it sits at the heart of our long-term strategy.

In addition to supporting the science and innovation base of the UK, we also make a significant economic contribution in this country. AstraZeneca has a workforce of more than 6,700 employees across seven sites in the UK, and we create value by supporting a broader base of approximately 30,000 jobs. We account for a significant share of the UK industry R&D investment and export medicines around the world. It is a contribution we are committed to making in the decades ahead.

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