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Businesses all share the need to communicate effectively – and that’s where cofinitive comes in. We are a corporate communications consultancy specialising in branding, strategy, marketing, communications and engagement. cofinitive is not industry specific so clients come in all shapes and sizes, and vary greatly in the type of work they do.

Founded in 2015, cofinitive began with a vision of a better way to do business. Bringing together the approach of a strategic business partner and the world of corporate communication consultancy, founder Faye Holland knew exceptional results could be consistently delivered when experienced outside experts worked flexibly and collaboratively with internal experts to define, design and deliver reliable and complete communication programmes. Faye set about co-creating definitively. She started cofinitive.

cofinitive are a team of corporate communications consultants based in Cambridge who work with clients locally, nationally and globally. As communications experts, cofinitive offer bespoke services specialising in branding, strategy, marketing communication and engagement for businesses. cofinitive are not industry specific so clients come in all shapes and sizes, and vary greatly in the type of work they do. That makes cofinitive agile and versatile. All businesses share the need to communicate effectively – and that’s where cofinitive come in. As strategic marcomms partners, cofinitive deliver consistency consistently across all platforms and channels and makes sure clients do too. cofinitive’s ‘one voice’ approach helps clients find and use their unique and individual voice to move heads, hearts and minds, connecting with everyone from stakeholders to employees and the public.

Alongside its specialisms in branding, strategy, marketing communication and engagement, cofinitive are known for their ethos. The foundation of cofinitive and its clients’ successes aren’t marcomms secrets, but a set of values that cofinitive, its clients and their co-created outputs share. No branding exercise will succeed without passion. Any strategy will fail without integrity. Clarity is crucial to marketing. And you can’t engage if you’re not inclusive. Regardless of whether cofinitive are working on an end-to-end programme or a single one-off project, the diligence and foundational values are the same. That’s how cofinitive can confidently deliver results every time as a trusted extension to any team.

Products and services


We discover and define your purpose and objectives, then craft a meaningful plan.

Whether the starting point is employee or community/ stakeholder engagement our expertise ensures that, once actively engaged, both employees and the wider community become brand ambassadors. done right, continuing engagement then happens organically.

There is no such thing as a typical engagement project. our experts work with you to shape strategies and initiatives that achieve your inclusion and engagement goals. Our approach works in the public and private sectors, across employee and citizenship programmes. Engagement is the cherry on the cake to all your communications.



We believe brand is about ethos as well as design, and we help you achieve a consistent voice.

Your brand is about so much more than clever logos, straplines, and brand guidelines. It is about building a culture that reflects your vision and ensures that everything your organisation does, says and makes reflects your corporate values. critically, it is also about how you execute it too.

We work with you to nail your vision, mission, values, tone of voice, proposition and brand essence. we craft them to ensure clarity and consistency. We do so with the intention of conjuring a positive reaction whenever a customer or stakeholder hears your name. We then set to work creating a range of relevant brand assets, depending on your needs. your brand is the soul of your business. Want help protecting yours?



If you need to cultivate a story, create brand recognition, announce a ground-breaking initiative, be award-ready, or even put a fire out - then cofinitive can help.

Our clients understand that PR is critical to communicate with their stakeholders and customers, and to build a positive reputation and public image. They understand it is about building relationships - being able to know who to go to at a specific point in time and having the connections to do so.

We help companies to position themselves with the media and impact the perception of what they do. And more critically we have a huge rolodex (database for anyone under 40!) of influencers, editors and journalists that has been collated across the globe, across sectors, over many decades. And with our broad expertise, we can also ensure that any ‘PR’ is activated in an integrated way across your communications. don’t just tell a story, write the story.



We create and execute authentic, integrated campaigns, to get you where you need to be.

Our clients will attest that cofinitive is a welcome addition to deliver on short to medium term campaigns alongside your established team. The cofinitive team includes planners, creators and promoters. We understand traditional marketing and how to blend the best of it with the best of the new. For startups we can provide an end-to-end marketing solution. For larger organisations and scaleups, we can supplement your existing teams.

We execute your communications on time and to budget. So much so that many of our clients, having started out with a small project, go on to secure cofinitive as their outsourced marketing department on a retained basis. We’ll help you achieve resilient and consistent marketing and communications.



We ensure the different parts of your business strategy are integrated and communicated in ‘one-voice’.

We design and deliver communication strategies related to all parts of your business plan

Our clients understand that a great communication strategy is integral to their business plan. They know that great communication strategies motivate, inform and stimulate change. They trust our team to work with them so that they can be assured of clarity and consistency across everything they say and do.

We work alongside you as a strategic business partner. we provide direction, input, proven tools and techniques, and leadership. with expertise from startups through to large corporates, from niche to mainstream, micro to macro, and local to global, we can work according to your specific needs – both now and in the future.


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