PCE Instruments UK Ltd

PCE Instruments UK Ltd

PCE Instruments is a manufacturer/supplier of test devices, control systems, lab and weighing equipment, headquartered in Germany and with several offices around the world. info@industrial-needs.com

Telephone: +44 023 8098 7030
Address: Units 11 Southpoint Business Park, Ensign Way, Southampton
Postcode: SO31 4RF
Country: United Kingdom
Website: https://www.pce-instruments.com/english/pce-instruments-test-instruments-anbieter_2.htm
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

PCE Instruments serves private and professional customers, especially from the industrial sector. PCE’s range of products includes data loggers, borescopes, inspection cameras, force gauges, inline moisture sensors for grain and other materials, moisture balances, hanging scales, viscometers, etc.




PCE’s borescopes are often used for machine inspection and maintenance work. They are available with rigid, flexible or semi-flexible cables.

PCE-DRB 10 digital refractometer

PCE Instruments launches new digital refractometer

After adding lots of hand-held refractometers last year, PCE Instruments has recently launched a new tabletop Abbe refractometer that stands out by its high accuracy (4 decimal places).

7 November 2018Read in full

PCE-4XX-EKIT outdoor noise kit on a pavement

New outdoor kit for noise measurement

Noise meters come in handy whenever noises need to be measured, e. g. to measure aircraft noise, heavy sound at construction sites, traffic noise, etc. To make accurate measurements, the noise must be recorded / measured directly where it occurs.

5 November 2018Read in full


Multimeter becomes clamp meter with optional current clamp

In October 2018, PCE Instruments added the PCE-HDM 20 to their range of products. This digital multimeter measures current, voltage, capacitance, frequency, resistance and temperature.

2 November 2018Read in full

Data Loger PCE-VDL-241 against a colourful background

New: small and self-sufficient Data Logger PCE-VDL-24I with 2400Hz sampling rate

PCE Instruments has used the experience of the recent years to develop a mobile, small and powerful data logger.

22 October 2018Read in full

the control panel of the data logger PCE-VDL 16I

Pre-order PCE Instruments' newest compact data logger

The brand new datalogger PCE-VDL 16I of German origin measures temperature, air humidity, air pressure, light and acceleration in three axes.

10 October 2018Read in full

handheld thermometer showing a digital display

PCE Instruments keeps increasing range of affordable infrared thermometers

PCE Instruments, manufacturer and supplier of test, weighing, laboratory and control equipment with HQ in Germany and several branches around the world, e.g. in the UK and the US, offers lots of high-end instruments for industrial use but also quite a wide range of low-cost test instruments, especially infrared thermometers for private and professional use which are very popular.

8 October 2018Read in full

photo of the Moisture Meter PCE-MA 50X

Moisture Meter PCE-MA 50X: new combination of heating chamber and precision balance

For lots of materials, the moisture content is very important to know before processing them. Moisture balances are a special type of scales mainly used in laboratories in the industrial sector. These are commonly used for commercial purposes. The moisture can be determined very quickly and at high accuracy.

1 October 2018Read in full

PCE Instruments increased range of particle counters

PCE Instruments increased range of particle counters

To satisfy the increasing demand for low-cost particle counters for various applications, PCE Instruments recently added the PCE-PCO 2 – as an addition to the existing PCE-PCO1 - as well as the very affordable PCE-RCM 10 and PCE-MPC 10 particle counters to their range of products.

20 November 2017Read in full

PCE Instruments introduces new series of borescopes

PCE Instruments introduces new series of borescopes

PCE Instruments has launched a new range of industrial borescopes which are available with different camera cables to fit the individual customers’ purpose. The series is called the PCE-VE 1000 series.

27 October 2017Read in full

PCE Instruments launches three new sound level meters

PCE Instruments launches three new sound level meters

PCE Instruments has launched three brand-new and highly accurate class 1 and 2 sound level meters. These have been designed to tackle the wide-spread problem of noise at the workplace which can cause health issues. However, with their many functions, they can be used in many other areas of application.

26 October 2017Read in full