Cura Analytical Ltd

Cura Analytical specialises in solving problems in engineering mechanics and analysis, with a particular focus on structural mechanics. The Principal is EurIng Dr Andrew Lennon, Chartered Engineer, who has more than two decades of post-graduation experience on industrial projects and in research? and development.

Address: St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB4 0WS
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Cura Analytical combines the specialist knowledge found in research organisations and universities with the project discipline and efficiency gained from many years of experience on projects. It brings Dr Lennon's expertise, experience and history of project effectiveness to your challenges.  In addition to Dr Lennon's services, the company has access to world experts in several engineering disciplines through a network of collaborators and can assemble expert teams for challenging problems.

Engineering mechanics and analysis

Cura Analytical offers the combination of world-expertise in engineering mechanics and analysis, combined with many years of industry expertise and experience.