Acteon Communication and Learning

Acteon helps you use communication and learning to deliver positive change.
Whatever you need employees to do, we partner with you to prompt the actions that will have the greatest impact and make the biggest difference - to shape the moments that matter.

We help you equip your people for positive actions: to engage them, equip them with new knowledge and skills, and enable them to act. Then, day by day, to embed those actions so impact is sustained.

Drawing on approaches from behavioural science and advertising, we reinvent learning and communication formats into campaigns that support real change.

We have the in-house digital and creative skills to identify, design and deliver what you need - whether it involves an e-learning module or music video, a workshop activity or animated movie, an interactive digital experience or something else altogether, 

And we care deeply about what happens next. We’ll work with you to build evaluation into the solution, so you can refine your approach, and make sure you’re instilling the new norms and habits that underpin success. 

We work across all sorts of areas, including compliance, onboarding, leadership, operations, change, diversity, wellbeing, skills development, product knowledge and much more. Whatever your business needs, drop us a line to chat about how we can help.

Acteon is proud winner of a host of industry awards, including ‘L&D Project of the Year’ at the CIPD Awards, and multiple wins for ‘Best e-learning Project’ at the Learning Technologies Awards. We are also the home of the award-winning Breeio LMS.

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“I’m in awe of your creativity. You tapped into exactly what we need without us realising that we needed it!”

Transformational Change Lead, Co-op

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