Integrated Resources

Integrated Resources Limited provides a recruitment and/or Human Resources service for both the management of a business and the growth and development of an organization.

Services we offer:

  •  Recruitment (including search and selection) of key Directors and Managers across all functions
  •  Setting up and implementation of creative remuneration and benefits policies
  •  Executive Coaching
  •  Downsizing and outplacement counselling
  •  Application of employment legislation
  •  Design and maintenance of appraisal systems
  •  Advice on performance management
  •  Design and implementation of policies for the retention of key staff
  •  Training and development policy and response
  •  Human Resources interim and project management
  •  Human Resources strategy and implementation
  •  We deal with all the client’s people-related frustrations

We are a leading firm of HR consulterims (consultants and interim managers) who work by releasing potential and improving performance. We are interims/consultants as well as providers of interims/consultants.

We advise and then deliver improved people performance through the resourcing, developing, re-structuring of an organisation and managing change successfully.

We develop and help implement the policies and practices which sustain the overall business performance through improved performance of individuals and teams.

We combine deep analytical consultancy capability, excellent HR/OD specialist knowledge, and real world operational expertise (we roll our sleeves up and ensure that client colleagues can sustain performance improvements that we bring to the company).

The change we deal in can be market/systems/merger/restructuring driven. We deal in output and value and help our clients take control of change rather than being subject to it.

What do we do?
We work on HR strategy and outsourcing challenges (i.e. we do externally what an HR function might do internally) and we raise the business contribution from, and the status of HR.

We are highly experienced practitioners who deliver highly practical solutions. We are hands-on and deliver results.

Others talk; we act. We do this by implementing our recommendations. If we recommend it, we are prepared to deliver it. We can offer freelance fees while giving blue-chip results because we have low overheads but blue-chip backgrounds.

We consider ourselves business consultants with a strong people focus.

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