Medical Device Technology Consultants

Medical Device Technology Consultants (MDTc) is an independent consultancy specialising in the Medical Devices field. MDTc provides services to support the complete Product Life Cycle, guidance on Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs to meet EU and US requirements, and a range of Business Services including advice on acquisitions, partnering, recruitment and business development.

MDTc offers a comprehensive range of services to the medical device, healthcare and related industries. Working with the client organisation we can provide assistance with any aspect of medical device development, registration and market compliance. In general this involves far more than the provision of independent advice and covers direct involvement with the internal team to carry out the implementation of the defined plan. The areas of expertise and scope of services are both broad and diverse but can be considered under four main headings.

  • Technology
    Complete product life cycle support from concept/feasibility through development/test/validation to support/vigilance in the market
  • Quality Systems
    Development of effective quality management systems to meet the requirements of European, US and International markets
  • Regulatory Affairs
    Developing and implementing cost-effective worldwide regulatory strategies
  • Business
    Advice on acquisitions, partnering, recruitment, business development

MDTc is an independent consultancy with a network of associates in Europe and the United States. The consultancy was founded by Dr Jed Place a highly experienced technology management executive with specific expertise in the field of medical devices. Operating as an individual independent consultant or by drawing together a small team of appropriately skilled associates MDTc is able to handle assignments of varying scale and complexity as required to meet client requirements.

MDTc serves a variety of clients, large and small, who operate in the medical device or wider healthcare sector.

  • Start-up Medical Device Companies
  • Established Medical Device Companies
  • Healthcare organisations
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Importers, Exporters and Distributors

In order to determine how MDTc could help your organisation please contact Dr Jed Place to arrange an initial no-obligation meeting. Once the scope of an assignment is defined a detailed proposal and implementation plan will be produced and agreed with the client.

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