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PA Consulting Group is an innovation and transformation consultancy. We believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future in a technology-driven world.

Our Global Innovation and Technology Centre houses over 250 class-leading scientists, engineers and technologists. Our technology and product development capabilities range from front-end applied science, concept creation and design, to hands-on product engineering, system integration, scale-up and manufacture.

We have been bringing our clients ground-breaking innovations for much of our 70-year history, from developing revolutionary manufacturing processes and providing innovative smart-meter solutions to creating next-generation 4G wireless test equipment and transforming drug delivery with novel medical injector products.

Find out more about our latest innovations here, read more about PA Consulting Group here.You can find out more about our Global Innovation and Technology Centre here.  

Products and services

Our Cambridge Technology Centre

We have an unparalleled track record in helping clients to take devices from the laboratory to the market in security, defence, consumer, manufacturing and medical sectors. We also help clients to improve their own research, development and innovation capabilities based on our cross sector scientific and technological expertise.

Our dedicated workshops and laboratories accommodate:

  • Analytical science and metrology
  • Human factors and industrial design
  • Electronics and power systems
  • Wireless communication
  • Software engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Device fabrication and test
  • Chemistry, biochemistry, biology
  • Food preparation and technology
  • Medical device build and test

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