DavidsonMorris Immigration Solicitors

DavidsonMorris Immigration Solicitors

DavidsonMorris specialises in business immigration. We assist companies with PBS Licences, compliance, visa applications and general advice regarding all aspects of UK immigration law.

Address: 20 Station Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB1 2JD
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.davidsonmorris.com
Membership type:Corporate 6-20 (£250+VAT pa)

DavidsonMorris is a modern legal services provider that specialises in providing high quality immigration legal advice to both businesses and individuals.

The companies we work with range from start ups to Global 500 firms. We were established in 2005 and have offices in London, Cambridge and Aberdeen. Our team of 17 are ex-Home Office, Solicitors and HR professionals and our founder Anne Morris has worked exclusively in the field of immigration for 25 years.

We address the specific objectives of each client through our leading immigration knowledge and technical expertise and we provide a personalised experience founded on our strong team ethic.

We are based in the City of London, Cambridge and Aberdeen with a team of 17 specialists including solicitors, former Home Office employees and legal support.

We also have several multi-disciplinary teams concentrating on a variety of industry sectors, including oil & gas, education, healthcare, financial services and sport. In these areas, we’re acknowledged for our unparalleled market insight.

Through our immigration consultancy and managed migration services we help organisations:

  • Meet their immigration compliance and right to work obligations
  • Achieve strategic aims and objectives by improving their global reach and securing the required quantity and quality of human resources
  • Fulfil their resource and expansion strategies and help build technical and professional capability in key geographical areas; and
  • Improve internal immigration support functions through learning and professional development programmes to ensure the long-term retention of high-calibre human resource

How to avoid employing illegal workers

If your business is found to be employing illegal immigrants, you face significant civil and potentially criminal sanctions. What steps can you take to avoid falling foul of the law?

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When to appeal a civil penalty for illegal working

In the last quarter of 2017 alone, the Home Office issued over £11.5million in civil penalty fines to UK businesses for illegal working. But, as immigration expert Anne Morris explains, the Home Office doesn’t always get it right - so it’s worth business owners looking at their options to appeal the fine.

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Government announces new UK Start Up Visa

Earlier this week, Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced government plans to launch a new UK Start Up Visa in Spring 2019, to help boost the UK tech sector.

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How much does it cost to hire tech talent from overseas?

Shortages of highly-skilled UK digital and tech talent is resulting in more and more local tech companies looking overseas to meet their specialist recruitment needs.

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Home Office site visit - DavidsonMorris

How to handle a visit from the Home Office

For sponsor licence holders - and their HR teams in particular - Home Office scrutiny is an ongoing concern. DavidsonMorris Immigration Solicitors offers some helpful advice.

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Who in your organisation is responsible for immigration compliance?

For sponsor licence holders, failure to meet your immigration duties will have an organisation-wide impact - fines, bad press, and potential limits on future overseas recruitment permissions. Who then in your organisation is ensuring your organisation toes the Home Office line?

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Appealing a civil penalty for illegal employment

If you are served a civil penalty notice for illegal employment, you should give serious consideration to making an appeal, either to lessen the fine or to challenge it altogether.

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Top tips for Cambridge businesses to avoid Home Office fines

With 37 companies in the Cambridge area fined in recent months for illegal employment, immigration solicitors DavidsonMorris last week hosted two business immigration seminars to provide local businesses with practical advice on HR and employment law compliance.

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