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Simon Hall Communications

Communications support in all areas, including - - Branding, reports, pitches, presentations and speech writing ~ Conventional and social media ~ Websites ~ Photography and videography ~ Public speaking

Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Simon Hall is a communications consultant, journalist and author. 

He was a broadcaster for twenty five years, mostly as a BBC Television, Radio and Online News Correspondent, covering some of the biggest stories Britain has seen.

Simon now works as a communications consultant for the University of Cambridge, and a range of businesses. He helps with strategy, branding, reports, pitches, presentations and speech writing, along with enhancing organisations' media profiles, both conventional and social.

He also works with senior politicians and civil servants in preparing, polishing and presenting their messages.

His books - the tvdetective series - are about a television reporter who covers crimes and gets so involved in the cases he helps the police to solve them. Seven have been published.

Simon has also contributed articles and short stories to a range of newspapers and magazines, written plays, and even a pantomime.

He is a tutor in media skills and creative writing, teaching at popular Writers’ Summer Schools such as Swanwick and Winchester, for the National Association of Writers’ Groups, at universities including Cambridge and Exeter, on cruise ships and overseas.

Simon has also become sought after as a speaker, appearing at a variety of prestigious literary festivals. His talks combine an insight into his writing work, along with some extraordinary anecdotes from the life of a television reporter, including the now notorious story of What to do when you really need a dead otter.

He is married to Jess, Director of Libraries at the University of Cambridge, and has an adopted daughter, Niamh. 

Simon lectures on careers in the media at Cambridge University, and is an aspiration champion in schools and colleges, often working with the Speakers for Schools charity.

Amongst his proudest achievements, he includes the number of young people he has helped into leading universities and jobs in broadcasting, and aspiring writers into publication.

The sweet spot

Do you need help finding inspiration? If so, there's a sweet spot in everyone's life which can offer a hand, writes Communications Consultant Simon Hall...

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Space, the creative frontier

Have you got a problem to solve? Something important you need to work out? There's only one sure fire way of doing so, writes communications consultant Simon Hall in his latest blog...

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Monologue slog, dialogue agog

Is there a way to ensure a lecture, talk, or workshop goes well, and is memorable for all the right reasons? You bet there is, writes Communications Consultant, Simon Hall, in his latest blog. And it's all about avoiding the trap of a monologue...

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The iceberg of success

Is there a single, simple Golden Secret of Success in life? Yes, argues Communications Consultant Simon Hall, in his latest blog...

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Write soon

Emails are one of the banes of modern business life. Who isn't deluged with dozens daily? However! It might be dull, but keeping on top of your emails can reap rewards, writes Communications Consultant Simon Hall...

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The big shift

Are you thinking about a big shift in life? Stepping off the corporate treadmill? Chucking in the nine to five, same old, same old? Leaving that career which is beginning to feel stale? And instead starting up on your own, with all the challenges and rewards that can bring?

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entrepreneurs at Cambridge Judge Business School

The beautiful balance

Fun and games are an important part of any talk, presentation, or public speaking, but there's a careful balance to be struck to make sure the show works well. So writes Communications Consultant Simon Hall...

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Making a plan... and trashing it

Plans are essential, but beware! Being a slave to them can mean missing a big opportunity when it comes to giving a talk or teaching, writes Communications Consultant Simon Hall...

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The smartness of simplicity

Would you like a winning edge in your communications? One which even saves you work, as well as enhances your impact? Keep it simple, and try playing this little game, writes Communications Consultant Simon Hall...

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Getting in early

If you want to make a good impression, whether it's at a meeting, an interview, or for a presentation, there's no substitute for getting in early. So writes Communications Consultant Simon Hall...

17 February 2019Read in full

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