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The Maxwell Centre is the centrepiece for industrial engagement with the physical scientists and engineers working on the West Cambridge Science and Technology Campus.

The Maxwell Centre is the centrepiece for industrial engagement with the physical scientists and engineers working on the West Cambridge Science and Technology Campus. Two-way flow of ideas and researchers adds value when 'blue-skies' activities meet research objectives relevant to economic opportunities for industry and society at large. The scale of industrial involvement is already substantial, and this will be increased through the activities in the new building, in the collaborating Departments and in the commercial space on the West Cambridge site. The associated industrial research, development and manufacturing will generate an overall economic impact within the UK much greater than the co-investment committed to the programme.

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Henry Royce Institute

The Henry Royce Institute is the UK's national institute for materials science research and innovation. Cambridge Royce focuses on Materials for Energy-Efficient ICT

We are primarily interested in materials applications for three research areas:

Energy Generation: new materials that are able to power autonomous devices by harnessing energy from the environment.

Energy Storage: significant improvements in the energy density, longevity, cost and compatibility of the various energy storage technologies required to power the next generation of ICT devices.

Energy Use: radical approaches to reduce power consumption in processing and memory, towards the theoretical limits that are many orders of magnitude below current silicon-based technology, and making devices more lightweight.

The Cambridge Royce has fifteen advanced materials characterisation tools that are available for use by academic and industrial researchers. Please contact Lata Sahonta ( for more information on the Royce facilities.

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Impulse, the Entrepreneurship Programme for tech innovators

Impulse, the Entrepreneurship Programme for tech innovators based at the Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge, helps you to transform your innovative idea into a “high potential” business case. The deadline for applications for this exciting opportunity has just been extended to 19th March 2018.

More than 80 top-tier entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and industry experts share their expertise, offer senior level mentoring and guidance. Impulse provides you an intensive and steep learning curve experience.

Accept the challenge and apply today. The programme starts on 8 April 2018.

The programme is particularly relevant for PhDs, Postdocs and researchers exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, corporate innovators seeking to cultivate innovative mindsets and entrepreneurial culture in employees, and early stage entrepreneurs looking to build high quality networks with industry experts and the business community.

@Cambridge University members: EPSRC, Electronic Engineering, STFC and Barclays Eagle Lab sponsor places. Only a few places are still available.



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