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Gameware are currently developing a range of generic mobile game products. We are actively looking for commercial partners that may be interested in brand awareness game products for websites, PC, mobile. We are also looking for vertical market partners for our advanced 3D online avatars.

Gameware is an experienced collaborative partner in 3 EU H2020 projects over the last 6 years - "RAGE" - Realising an Applied Gaming Eco-system" , "Replicate" - a  3D photogrammetry project and current project "IV4XR" - bot testing of XR environments. We  also own the historic Cambridge game IP's "Creatures",  "James Pond" and "Creebies". 

Gameware secured a BAFTA nomination for the "Bamzooki" TV gameshow - the world leading exemplar of mixed realty TV - 4 series broadcast via CBBC.

Keen to stay abreast and sometimes to be a step or two ahead of emerging technology implications for the creative industries

Bamzooki - still a leading exemplar of mixed reality TV - 2004 BAFTA nominee.
Jeremy Cooke


Products and services

FirstStage - a VR creative toolkit

With FirstStage you can rapidly create  prototype scenarios for Film, TV, Games, Theatre, Immersive learning ++ and move to full production as a collaborative online team – creating scenarios and developing ideas in real time – together or alone.  

Below are some links to output examples from FirstStage Beta projects and the demo as a video ( 4 minute and 10 minute versions):

  • FirstStage - Introducing the Basics - Short Edit The 10 minute demo with subtitles - Introducing the Basics
  • An immersive learning demo created for a UK training company - Fire Training Player Character
    This is an example of a video where the user can lead the process guided by a NPC (non-player character), or the user can direct the NCP to perform the activities.
  • Virtual band performance - Skullz Blackout 30 second sample, and here is Soundr's user story
    The two tracks were created in just one afternoon using Ready Player Me characters in a Unity Asset Store set, by the song creator in our studio. The face and body mocap was created using an iPhoneX and a Vive VR set up with trackers.
  • Dr Evil General Motors Superbowl user story
    This was a remarkable project started only a few days before they were due to start building the set. Between that time and the actual filming, there were radical changes to the script, from a two level set to adding a baby, and due to FirstStages 'live' storyboard capabilities, we were used right through the shoot to explore and resolve production ideas as they occurred. "The future of pre-production" as the Executive Producer said afterwards!
  • Beneath restrictive set design user story
    We were approached by a producer who was looking to resolve a three year problem... "How should I construct the set for a production shot entirely in a mini-sub, and what shots are best and possible?". The set was modelled within FirstStage in an afternoon, and not only answered the question, but also gave the lead actress an opportunity to immerse herself within the virtual space.

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