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Global Inkjet Systems provides industry leading technology to system builders integrating industrial inkjet printheads.

Any number of printheads: any number of inks: ultra-high data handling capability: high print speeds: production proven reliability: and innovative software for direct printing onto bottles, cones and tubs - Global Inkjet Systems’ electronics and software enable system builders to develop ground-breaking printers for demanding production environments.GIS supports a wide range of printheads including Fujifilm DimatixKonica MinoltaKyoceraRicohToshiba Tec, and Xaar.  The capability to drive new printheads is being developed all the time, so if you do not find information on our web site about the printhead you need, please contact us to discuss.We provide a comprehensive solution for inkjet  OEMs, machine builders and integrators. There is no need to source software from one supplier, electronics from another, and ink supply components from yet another – we offer a complete package.Why choose GIS?GIS software and electronics are designed to work reliably in rugged industrial settings, with the primary objective of giving competitive advantage to customers. The products are highly scalable, so there are no changes in core components from a development/prototype system to a production system.We are passionate about customer support. Your success in bringing products to market is critical to our success. GIS will support you from prototype build to production systems. Fast response to issues that arise and continued customer support are key priorities for GIS.Key features and benefits include:- 

  • Rapid new product development
  • Savings on internal time and resources
  • Fast time to market
  • Flexible and scalable solution
  • Combined software and hardware solution
  • Quick adoption of new printheads
  • TCP/IP scalable client-server architecture
  • Integration with 3rd party products such as RIPs, stage controllers, UIs etc
  • Components for Ink Delivery Systems

GIS Partnership ApproachGIS builds strong, long term partnerships with its customers. Our success is linked to your success, so you can rely on us to support your projects from 1st prototype to high volume production.We operate a programme of continuous development, so that products are upgraded and improved on a regular basis. We use feedback from our customers to improve and add capability to our products. We focus on adding value and maintaining our customers’ competitive position in the market, so we invest considerable resources into R&D every year. GIS Global NetworkGIS provides components, but customers (often those new to inkjet) ask us for additional help in putting their projects together. GIS is committed to acting as a facilitator for customer projects, introducing customers to potential suppliers for integration services, project management, fluid suppliers and other potential partners.  We work closely with a number of independent consultant engineers in the US and Europe, who can provide advice and manage projects. Understanding InkjetOur expertise extends beyond hardware and software to colour management, rendering, ink laydown, stitching, multipass strategies, ink optimisation and waveform generation. We incorporate tools in our software to assist customers in these areas and our team has a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines.

Products and services

Ink System Components

The GIS ink system components range comprises electronics, software and a portfolio of customisable header tanks and peripherals. Initially the products were available only to customers who were already using GIS printhead drive electronics and software. Now any inkjet system developer can have access to the IDS components product range.

GIS offers a range of components for Ink Delivery Systems (IDS). GIS has designed electronics and software for ink supply system control and also offers additional support including a range of header tanks, system controls for pressure, filtration, heating and degassing, plus system design and consultancy.  
The GIS ink system components can be used with almost all industrial inkjet printheads and the majority of ink types including aqueous, UV curable and functional fluids - subject to materials compatibility tests.
GIS does not provide a complete IDS, instead we offer a range of standard components and design consultancy that allow OEMs to integrate customised solutions according to their commercial and technical needs.
We work with customers to design and configure a system tailored to your specific requirements. We design custom parts if required and we adopt a “building block” approach allowing machine builders ultimately to source their own components such as ink pumps and filters, which reduces their costs.
GIS software and electronics for IDS
Each Ethernet networked GIS ink control board (ISC-IMB-I6) can control from 1 to 6 fluids/inks independently. Two or more boards can be connected for systems that require 7 – 12 fluids/inks and beyond. 

System controls

  • Up to 6 colours per control card
  • Multiple control cards for more than 6 colours
  • Independent colour purge
  • Overnight and weekend switch off (automatic on power off) - offers limited head drip
  • Non circulating (end shooter) & recirculating capable
  • Recirculating modes:
    • High flow
    • Low flow
    • Controlled flow
  • High pressure purge
  • Low pressure purge
  • Long term switch off (manual)
  • Easy printhead change (system does not require draining)
  • Fault detection
  • In-line and header tank heater options
  • Ink degasser
  • Control cards can be daisy chained for more colours
  • Single cable can bus link to header tanks (1 per colour)
  • Header tanks can be daisy chained together
  • Runs from 24V supply
  • Ethernet cable to PC

Header Tank features and controls

  • Integral overflow protection
  • Integral pressure sensor(s)
  • Integral control valves for switching between modes and auto switch off
  • Manual valve per head (for easy head replacement) and long term switch off
  • Swagelok stainless steel ink tube connectors to printhead
  • Luer-lok connectors for ink in/out
  • Careful design to minimise pigment traps and to encourage air bubble release
  • Sized to feed number of printheads per colour

Purge control

Low pressure purge

  • Used for most printhead types
  • For end shooter and recirculating systems

High pressure purge

  • Pressure built up to circa 1 bar before releasing to header tanks
  • Optional support for external high pressure source

The GIS IDS components can be used with printheads with different ink flow modes:-

  • No flow for end shooter printheads such as Konica Minolta 1024/1024i/1800i, Ricoh Gen 4, Kyocera KJ4A/B
  • Low flow recirculating for TTEC CF1, Ricoh Gen 5 – and for end shooter printheads using inks that can benefit from recirculation
  • Controlled, adjustable flow recirculating for printheads such as Xaar 1002; Fujifilm StarFire and Samba.


Header Tanks
GIS offers a range of standard header tank designs. Each can support up to two printheads per tank, but can be customized as required for larger systems. The GIS header tank designs also take into account different flow modes, space restrictions and ink capacity requirements for different applications and printer sizes. 
Other components
GIS also offers many additional components for an IDS including purge manifolds, pneumatic tanks, pressure chambers, vent manifolds,  vacuum pumps, ink pumps, ink and air filters, degasser contactors and bulk ink tanks

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