HR Metrics Webinar

What are HR Metrics and how can they help a business? We’ll look at a suite of metrics commonly used today, review how they can assist in a company’s decision making and how to get started using this valuable tool.


In this 1-hour webinar, we will look at:

  • How companies use HR Metrics,
  • What should be measured,
  • What can be measured and
  • What do the results tell us.

We’ll look at how to improve on to your current metrics, or, if you haven’t used metrics before, how to get started.

Metrics covered include:

  • Headcount,
  • Employee Turnover,
  • Absence Management,
  • Learning and Development and more.

Join us for this invaluable session, on how to use metrics to drive your business growth and ask the right questions while interpreting the data to be more effective.

Price: FREE

For further information, please contact Nadia on or 01223 641017.

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