Menopause On Your Terms Summit

Online event with experts providing practical information and advice on perimenopause and menopause for personal health and in the workplace

Menopause On Your Terms Summit. Women standing together

Whether you are experiencing perimenopause/menopause symptoms or think you might be, or you are managing employees at this stage of life, there is essential information for you in this summit.

We have brought together a line-up of speakers who are specialists in managing the symptoms of menopause to share their extensive knowledge, top tips, and techniques.

You will leave with lots more understanding of menopause and a toolkit of simple steps that you can take to transition through menopause on your terms.

If you are unable to attend for all or part of the afternoon don't worry, we've got you covered. Just buy a VIP ticket and we will give you access to the recordings of all of the sessions . Plus you will have access to additional recordings and the recordings from the previous two Summits.

For attendees who stay until the end of the Summit or have a VIP ticket you will have free entry to a bonus draw where the prizes are copies of our speakers' books.

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