Power BI DAX Introduction 2 Day Course

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is the language of such analytical tools as PowerBI, Power Pivot and SQL server. Having a thorough understanding of DAX will allow you to develop visualisations and present data in any way you want.

Dates Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - Download as vCalendar
Event Times: 12:00
Venue This course can be delivered either at your premises or off-site at the Cambourne training venue.
Contact Name Cindy
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Please note this course is available for Private Booking at a date convenient for yourself.  Live Online training is also available for this course. 

 No longer are you constrained to using the standard formula that comes with Excel. You no more have to work out complex time analysis functions that should be straightforward. Formulas such as Year to Date or Quarter to Date or even working out how much you''ve earned this financial year.

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Course Outline

Although DAX can be used in a number of scenarios, the course primarily concentrates on DAX for PowerBI. You will see how understanding more about DAX will give you power and control over your visualisations and in that way allow you to present your data in a fantastically clear way.

What is Dax?

  • DAX in the World of Excel
  • Cells vs Tables
  • Iterators - what are they?

Introducing DAX

  • Understanding DAX calculations
  • DAX data types
  • DAX operators
  • Calculated Columns vs Measures
  • Variables
  • Error Handling in DAX
  • Formatting DAX Code
  • Common DAX Functions

Basic Table Functions

  • What are Table Functions?
  • EVALUATE Syntax
  • Table Expressions
  • Understanding FILTER

Understanding Evaluation Contexts

  • Introduction to Evaluation Contexts
  • Understanding the row context
  • Using SUM in a calculated column
  • Using columns in a measure
  • Row context with Iterators - EARLIER function
  • Working with many tables
  • Row contexts and relationships
  • Filter context with relationships
  • Introducing Values


  • Understanding CALCULATE
  • Understandng the filter context
  • CALCULATE examples
  • Filtering a single column
  • Filtering with complex conditions
  • What are circular dependencies
  • CALCULATE rules
  • Introducing ALLSELECTED
  • Understanding USERELATIONSHIP

DAX examples

  • Finding ratios and percentages
  • Cumulative Totals
  • Using ABC (Pareto) Classification
  • Finding Sales per day and Working day
  • Differences in working days
  • Static moving averages

Time Intelligence Calculations

  • What is time intelligence?
  • Building a Date table
  • Handling multiple relationships to the Date table
  • Aggregating overtime (Year-to-date|Quarter-to-date)
  • Opening and Closing Balances

This 2 Day course can be delivered at your premises or at a local training venue.  Training can be organised on days that suite you. 

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