Project Management for Non Project Managers


There are two phases to any project: Thinking It Through and Making Things Happen

This programme is designed to look at the 'thinking it through' phase with the tools and techniques available to project managers and the 'making things happen' through leading others.

Course Goal To equip participants with the knowledge, skill and understanding of how to manage their projects more successfully.

Course Objectives To provide instruction, models, practical exercise and discussion opportunities on:

  • Understanding the nature of project work
  • Top TEN tips
  • The project management process and the role of Project Manager
  • The planning tools and how to manage risk
  • How to manage others who don’t report to you
  • Find out what the 4 key things great project managers do
  • Developing personal action plans


Duration: 1 Day Credits: 2.7
Max. Delegates: 12 Member Cost: £415.00+VAT
  Non-member Cost: £623.00+VAT