Confident Communication Skills Training


This one-day training course is for anyone who wants to improve their spoken communication skills, particularly for presentations and pitches.

"Fantastic, engaging course with practical tips to implement."


By the end of the training course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Make a great first impression
  • Show confidence and control their nerves
  • Engage the audience and keep their attention
  • Write rich, concise material with a story
  • Communicate authentically
  • Use visuals effectively
  • Adapt to the unexpected

Each attendee brings a 4-minute presentation to the training day. It can be on any subject they like, in the form of simple notes (and visuals if they wish). They will deliver this twice, building and iterating it throughout the day into a thing of utter power: impactful, persuasive and easy to deliver. They should also bring a laptop for creating and editing the piece, and their preferred note-taking medium.


Morning session:

1.   Introduction: format and objectives for the day.
2.   Everyone stands up, introduces themselves and receives feedback.
3.   Writing: techniques for creating and editing concise material with a story.
4.   Visuals: how to use slides for maximum effect without relying on them.
5.   Everyone writes the first draft of their presentation.
6.   Everyone delivers their presentation and there are opportunities for feedback.

Afternoon session:

1.   Delivery: how to handle your nerves, make a great first impression, engage your audience and use prompts effectively.
2.   Everyone writes the second draft of their presentation.
3.   Everyone delivers their presentation and receives feedback.
4.   Conclusion: key points learnt from the day are discussed and reinforced.


The training is interactive. Throughout the day the delegates are gently pushed out of their comfort zone to learn communication skills and techniques through direct experience. There are plenty of opportunities to practise.

It’s actually fun. Jon was a stand-up comic; he makes the learning enjoyable to ensure maximum retention.

This training is delivered to individuals or provided for in house teams to your bespoke requirements.



Duration: 1 Day Credits: 2.5
CPD Points: 6.5 Member Cost: £385+VAT
Max. Delegates: 8 Non-member Cost: £578+VAT