Cultural Awareness Training

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Working internationally is challenging. Even though it is stimulating and rewarding, there are potential difficulties when people from different cultures misunderstand each other.  

These sessions are led by experienced cultural trainers who have an appreciation and understanding of cultural differences having lived and worked overseas for many years.  They provide you with a framework of practical, actionable advice.

General Cultural Awareness

If your organisation works across a range of cultures or with people from many cultural backgrounds, improving your general intercultural competence is a necessity. Our Developing Intercultural Competence course helps you improve your cultural intelligence and learn how to work effectively across cultures.

Working with a Specific Culture

Your organisation may have a particularly strong relationship with a specific culture. This could be in the form of international offices, partner organisations, or key client bases. The following courses focus on improving your understanding of a specific culture, and how to work with individuals from that culture effectively: 

The above list contains our most popular courses, but this training is available for many other cultures. Please get in touch to learn more.

“The trainer had a complete understanding of the Japanese culture and could explain “why” we behave in a certain way."

More information about the content can be found by clicking on the course names above, and everything can be adapted based on your learning requirements. If there is something you require and you cannot see it on our website, please contact us.

Member Organisation Case Study: Working with the Japanese

One of our larger member organisations has been active in Japan for many years, forging partnerships, building relationships, and generating new business. For employees new to working in Asia, advising Japanese clients on commercial decisions related to a technology or technology-driven products was a challenge. Our member therefore commissioned regular, one-day Japanese cultural training workshops for their teams.

Prior to delivery, a needs survey was undertaken.  The results indicated that many individuals found it difficult to have open discussions about the clients’ requirements due to language and cultural barriers. There were also frustrations around timescale expectations as the priority of quality, in many instances, came at the expense of deadlines.

Our tailor-made workshops were designed to quickly develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the European team to successfully work with their Japanese clients. Sessions focused on exploring Japanese business philosophy and its roots in the nation’s core values, the importance of harmony and group decision making, and understanding the true intentions behind implied information.

Our member organisation commented that their team is now “much more confident in their approaches to our international markets and have context to relate back to”. We continue to run this training course for them in-house on a regular basis.

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