Developing Resilience at Work (Old)

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Programme Overview

Designed for business professionals who are expected to perform effectively in a highly demanding environment, this workshop will help delegates understand how they can develop a resilient attitude to a range of business scenarios that may in the past have created a high degree of anxiety. 

Core topics developed during this workshop

  • Developing your level of resilience

  • Enhance performance & well-being at work

  • Sustaining peak levels of performance

  • Developing levels of adaptability, flexibility & confidence

  • Understanding how your motivation can impact on the morale of your team

"Without a doubt, the best training course I have ever been on. I actually didn’t want the day to end, so thank you very much."
 "Thank you for giving a great overview of what tools there are for me to use in my workplace interactions during periods of adversity/challenges."


Course Content


Self Awareness and Self-Regulation

  • Understand how resilient attitudes and behaviours can be learned
  • Learn how to acquire a stronger sense of control when faced with uncertainty
  • Know how to enhance performance and well-being through greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Mental Agility

  • Learn the ability to look at situations from multiple perspectives and to be more creative and agile in your thinking
  • Have increased adaptability, flexibility and confidence
  • Change previous responses to pressure to more effective resilient ones

Coping Strategies and Connection

  • To learn effective coping strategies so you can sustain performance under pressure
  • Understand the power of connection and maintaining strong trusted relationships
  • Understand morale; what drains it and what we can do to build positive energy

Strength of Character and Optimism

  • Identifying tools and techniques for improving optimism and emotional regulation
  • The ability to notice and expect the positive
  • To focus on what you can control
  • Understand the impact of being aligned to your values


Online course details

Duration: 2 x half day Credits: 2.2
Max. Delegates: 12 Member Cost: £335.00+VAT
  Non-member Cost: £502.00+VAT

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