Effective Communication

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Communication plays a fundamental role in all aspects of business, and as so much of our communication is now virtual, it is even more important to get it right.

Communication provides a clear vision for the organisation and motivates employees to achieve results. It is essential for innovation, co-operation, and positive relationships both inside and outside the organisation. In essence, effective communication is a prerequisite for company success.

Learning Outcomes

This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to refresh the essential skills of good communication, focus on the development of your individual communication style, and learn how to embed positive communication in your organisation.

 "Excellent course would recommend to others. Instructor was easy to talk to and group was very well balanced."

Course Content

Effective communication & organisational success

  • What is effective communication?
  • What are your communication challenges?
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication

Personality and communication

  • Understanding and flexing your communication style

The Essential Skills

  • Understanding body language
  • Active listening & questioning techniques
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback

Effective Influencing

  • How to get your message across
  • Cross-cultural variations in communication
  • Effective influencing in meetings

Communication and organisations

  • Understanding your own communication style
  • Making the most of meetings
  • What is your communications culture?
  • Strengthening your virtual communications networks


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Face to Face Course Details

Duration: 1 Day Member Cost: £290.00+VAT pp
Credits: 1.9 Non-member Cost: £435.00+VAT pp

Online Course Details

Duration: 1 day, 4 x 1.5 hours Member Cost: £250.00+VAT
Credits: 1.7 Non-member Cost: £375.00+VAT

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