Employee Benefit and Design


Employee benefits offer a way to motivate employees and contribute towards improving employee well-being and enhancing engagement. However, there are a number of factors to consider when introducing a benefit or benefits package to ensure that's valued by employees, while also supporting HR practices and aligning it with wider business goals.

The world of work has shifted from a culture of flat paternalistic benefits to today's more personalised and individual approach to employee benefits and reward. As the generations in each workplace widen it is important to make sure that your benefit structures remain relevant.

This training session will explore the variety of benefits employers can offer, and what to consider when implementing or reviewing employee benefits as part of your reward strategy.

Who this course is for: Anyone involved in reward and benefits, HR professionals/managers, pay and reward specialists.


  • Appreciate how benefit plans are designed and reviewed
  • Understand how benefit plans are financed and taxed
  • Understand the different types of pension schemes
  • Ensuring you make benefit communications effective
  • Gain confidence in in budgeting for benefits
  • Influence benefit strategy

Pre course work

Participants will be required to familiarise themselves with their existing employee benefits and consider what works well and where improvement can/should be made. These can be reviewed during the event to help learn and see where and how key changes can be made.

Post course actions

At the end of the day participants will be provided with copy learning materials /slides and be asked to make a note for themselves of their top five key learning points and top two actions/changes needed to improve their own employee the benefits package from the business and employees viewpoint.

Course Content - Benefit Design and Content

  • Understand the design and basics of core benefit plans, including risk benefits (medical, life, income protection)
  • How these benefits may help and be part of your health and wellbeing program.
  • Voluntary benefit plans and how these can add value
  • Salary sacrifice schemes, changes in legislation and Optimal Remuneration Arrangements (OpRA)
  • Pensions, key points, contribution structures, investments and retirement options

Course Duration: 1/2 Day

Maximum Delegates: 12

Certified CPD points provider for CPD training registered and certified with THE CPD STANDARDS OFFICE


Facilitated By:

Scrutton Bland

scrutton bland


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Learning Collaboration
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Employee Benefit
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