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Hiring candidates who can grow and develop into taking on more complex, challenging responsibilities creates a need for businesses to think long-term and consider potential when hiring. Research (HBR) has given us five critical traits of high-potential candidates … curiosity, determination, engagement, insight and motivation, which is where we need to focus our attention when interviewing.

This training course provides a practical approach to the recruitment and selection process, with tips and techniques to help you to structure interviews, ask key, searching questions and present your business in the best way possible. An interview is a two-way process and competition to hire the best candidate is often strong.

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Who is it for?

This training course is for anyone involved in and/or new to the recruitment and selection process or those with experience wanting a refresher/to up-skill.

Training course learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will:

  • Have more confidence in recruiting the ideal candidate for your vacancy

  • Know what the best practice in any interview – structure and process

  • Understand the true cost of the wrong hire

  • Be better at controlling bias and know the legal pitfalls to avoid

  • Create a robust role profile and criteria for selection

  • Be able to develop questions to help people ‘open up’

  • Feel more confident when working in panels and/or pairs

  • Be able to evaluate and make considered decisions afterwards

How it's done

The day will be broken down into four manageable sessions:

Introduction & Context (online 60 minutes)

  • Understanding that interviewing is ‘work’ and needs focus
  • Principles of effective selection interviewing
  • The accuracy of interviewing techniques
  • The real cost of poor selection
  • Legal pitfalls to avoid

Preparing to Interview (online 90 minutes)

  • Preparing for the Interview / Designing a person specification/profile (values and role-based)
  • Preparing for the interview itself – best practice and skills required
  • Designing good ‘high-gain’ questions, and the STAR technique

The Interview Itself (including practical peer-reviewed exercise) (online 90-120 minutes)

  • Conducting an effective interview using the WASP structure
  • Creating an environment that encourages the candidate to open up
  • Handling difficult situations/common problems in interviews
  • Keeping the interview on track and digging deep/probing (using STAR)
  • Taking notes and recording information for evaluation
  • Interviewer best practice summary
  • Interviewing in panels and pairs

Assessment – Decision Making – On-boarding (online 30 minutes)

  • Evaluating candidates and selecting your best hire
  • Making timely decisions
  • On boarding best practice

Course Details

Online Course

Duration: 1 day Member Cost: £210+VAT pp
Credits: 1.4 Non-member Cost: £315+VAT pp

Face to Face Course

Duration: 1 day Member Cost: £290+VAT pp
Credits: 1.9 Non-member Cost: £435+VAT pp

*Membership from £50+VAT per annum - join now and save on training 

This course is also available in-house, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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