Leading High Performance Teams

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The content is suitable for recently appointed or more experienced managers and supervisors,  as well as senior professionals managing teams across a matrix. The focus is on the underlying people dynamics within teams, and delegates will gain a deeper understanding of what motivates individuals and the role that they as leaders can play in shaping the environment in which high performing teams can develop.

The Insights Discovery profile is a key tool used in the workshop to help classify self and co-workers, and to accurately define practical techniques for leading them.

The workshop is a full day, with a small amount of preparatory work.  Several short inputs, discussions and practical activities form the day, culminating in an action planning session.  Content is drawn from a variety of sources, including Jungian psychology and the Insights Discovery psychometric.

    Really enjoyed this highly practical and well delivered class.


    The objectives of the workshop are:

    • To understand what a high performing team is and what that means for your actions as a leader
    • To learn how your personality type provides a mix of leadership strengths and potential development areas
    • To better understand how you can adapt your style of leadership to connect with and motivate others, and to harness diversity and strengths within your team
    • To acquire a range of approaches that will enable you to bring greater breadth and flexibility to how you lead your team 



    1. Complete the Insights Questionnaire
    2. Reflective questions


    1. Models of high performing teams – theory and applications
    2. How personality plays a part in leading teams
    3. Strengths and weaknesses of our intrinsic leadership style
    4. Adapting our style and actions to better lead teams


    Opening session

    • Introductions, overview, and expectations
    • Personal reflections on high performing teams

    High performance teams and team assessment

    • Models and attributes of high performance teams, including Lencioni and Belbin
    • Team assessment, exploring the potential strengths and areas of development for your team
    • Identifying the actions you might want to take

    Insights type applied to teamworking

    • Introduction to the Insights model
    • An exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of the Insights types – and your own type
    • How the different personality types approach organisation problems and teamworking

    Adapting leadership style – what is required

    • How leadership styles can be adapted to improve effectiveness when leading teams
    • Identification of personal development areas
    • Generating ideas to overcome barriers

    Closing session

    • Drawing together learning points and translating these into concrete actions to apply in the workplace
    Duration 1 day
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    Non-member cost pp £742.50+VAT
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