Managing and Leading Change

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Change is often treated as another project to be managed and completed within a defined time period. In reality, change can be a messy, people-oriented set of challenges which develop and grow over time. This workshop aims to explore the knowledge and skills which are required to successfully manage and lead during periods of change.

A series of models and concepts will be discussed, demonstrating current thinking on the subject of change. Space for personal reflection and action planning will also be created throughout the workshop.


By the end of the course, you will:

  • Recognise your role as a manager and a leader during periods of change
  • Understand how to proactively manage the change process and build resilience
  • Learn how to support others and maintain productivity through change  

Course Content

Context Setting

  • The central role that leadership plays in the change process, including setting direction, supporting others to perform, and influencing the outcome
  • The need to manage flexibly and responsively within an environment of uncertainty, risk and change

Managing the Transition

  • The three-stage change process (William Bridges) and the change transition curve
  • Managing expectations of ourselves and our staff
  • Understanding, anticipating, and dealing with resistance (ours and others) in a constructive way
  • Strategies for building and maintaining resilience in self and others
  • The impact of other issues on organisational change and performance, including culture, individual differences, and organisational politics

Exploring Our Response to Change

  • Individual reflection on your personal response to transitions
  • Recognising differences based on personality types

How to Support Others through Change

  • Communicating about the changes effectively
  • Listening and helping people work through their concerns and issues
  • Coaching and facilitating change within the team
  • Dealing with barriers and building support for change
  • Differentiating your approach to manage different personality types
  • Actively championing and role modelling change

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