Mind the Expectations Gap – How to re-contract with your team

The pandemic has widened the gap between the expectations of employers and their employees… so how can line managers navigate this to ensure that neither party find themselves falling into the expectations gap?

We will explore how line managers can confidently navigate their direct reports and manage expectations - in a landscape dramatically reshaped by COVID-19. We’ll talk about realistic expectations, stepping into the other party's shoes, and how to ensure both parties are on the same track to ensure a great working relationship (whether working remotely or in an office environment).

This half-day workshop is ideal for people from different organisations to allow the cross-pollination of ideas and approaches to these issues.


Learning objectives

  • help you reflect on your changing attitudes and circumstances in the last year - current and timely

  • reflect on what might be changing around your employees’ and organisation’s expectations

  • how to hold crucial re-contracting conversation


The session will be interactive and practical using a case study to explore:

  • How we react to change and what we can do to shift our attitudes

  • Explore an individual’s motivations at work and what they are willing to offer the employer – the psychological contract

  • Explore the employer’s expectations from an organisational and line manager’s perspective. What has happened for them? What is discretionary for line managers?

  • Is there enough of an overlap between all three perspectives? If not, how do we overcome the gap in expectations?

  • How to have crucial conversations – things to avoid and things to do!


What you will take away from the session

  • Understand how you and others react to change and stress and what you can do to shift your response

  • What motivates you or your direct reports to give discretionary effort and what could you / they give but don’t

  • What are the general expectations of your workplace and what isn’t expected of you?

  • How to confidently broach and carry out crucial conversations.

“It was a wonderful session. It helped me to introspect a little deeper into my current scenario and see how things can be handled.  I kind of got an answer to what needs to be done to improve my relationship with my manager (1000s of miles away). So, I am taking necessary steps in that direction right away.” Research Scientist, 4 March 2021



Kelly Drewery, a Business Psychologist and Katherine Wiid Recruitment and Retention Coach and International Speaker will co-facilitate this workshop to help you explore the medium-term impact of your changing environment, and address the issues that new ways of working are bringing.


Course Details

Duration: Half-day Credits: 1.1
Times: 9.30am - 12.30pm Member Cost: £175+VAT
Max. Delegates: 12 Non-member Cost: £263+VAT

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