Productive Meetings Training Course

  • Do you feel as if you waste a lot of time in meetings?
  • Would you like to become a more effective meeting participant?
  • Would you like to be better at structuring and running meetings yourself?

The Concept

Many people spend a huge amount of their time in meetings – whether physically in person or online – and yet there is often the feeling that real work only takes place outside the meeting. At the same time, most people recognise that there are certain best practices and frameworks that will enable meetings to be far more effective, productive, and even enjoyable.

The aim of this workshop is to positively impact the level of productivity of those meetings (virtual or F2F) that are in your sphere of influence within your organisation. The specific objectives are:

  1. To surface best practices and raise your level of commitment to carry them out in your organisation.
  2. To equip you to be more confident and skilled in how you structure and run a meeting, and how you can participate fully.

The Structure

The workshop process starts with pre-work, where each participant assesses the effectiveness of the meetings they attend or run against a list of criteria.  This analysis is brought along to the workshop and participants use it as a basis for logging learning and action points from the different sessions.

The workshop itself is a packed and participative half day. Much of the “best practice” content will be generated by the participants themselves, who will then be challenged to work out how to continue to apply it consistently in the meetings they are involved with. Some simple frameworks for meeting design will be shared, along with techniques for managing meeting behaviours.

There will be small group exercises to try out some of the models and techniques and a closing session including some personal action planning and a round of “commitments”.

Workshop Outline

Opening session

  • Welcome, introductions, overview.
  • What’s your experience of attending meetings? (Sharing of analysis from pre-work).

The basics of productive meetings

  • Key success factors before, during and after a meeting.
  • The “Hamburger” model for effective meetings.
  • How to be a good participant.

Managing meetings

  • Taking charge of the basics.
  • Good meeting design – “opening up and closing down” structure and techniques.
  • Decision making in meetings.
  • Problem behaviours and how to deal with them.
  • Contributing to the above, whether as chair, facilitator or participant.

Virtual meetings

  • Additional challenges to be overcome.
  • Sharing of tips and ideas.

Closing session

  • What are you personally going to do to make a difference to the meetings you are involved with?
  • How can you influence best practice more widely in your organisation?


Please note that if you attend the virtual version of this course, although delivered online it will cover basic principles that apply to all types of meeting, whatever the format.

Online course details

Duration: 2 hours Credits: 0.5
Times: 9.30-11.30 Member Cost: £85.00+VAT
Max. Delegates: 12 Non-member Cost: £128.00+VAT


Face to face course details

Duration: Half day Credits: 0.8
Times: 9.30-12.30 Member Cost: £130+VAT
Max. Delegates: 12 Non-member Cost: £195+VAT

*Membership from £50+VAT per annum - join now and save on training