10to8 offers free service to small independent retail outlets to help revive the High Street as it edges out of COVID lockdown

Consumers can use 10to8 to book a visit to small shops and stores at no charge – instantly beating the queues and blues until restrictions such as social distancing are completely lifted. 

Cambridge business 10to8, steered by serial technology entrepreneur Matthew Cleevely and managing director Richard Hills, has put a tentative timeline on the free service of October 1 for outlets with fewer than 10 staff across the UK and globally – but the free service will be extended for life to Cambridge-based customers.

Booking visits in advance lets customers shop safely with no queues, planned staff capacity and a ready-made record of historic bookings for contact tracing if required.

The company’s global appointment scheduling system 10to8 is used by over 100,000 businesses worldwide, from banks to hairdressers and from lawyers to universities. It is using its insights from around the world to help businesses cope with the backlash of COVID-19.

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