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Legal tech is a fast moving sector, with new technology and capabilities surfacing at regular intervals. As a result there’s a lot of noise about what can and can’t be achieved with technology, so it helps to know where to go to get the best information. This in turn will help you better understand the world of legal tech and gain the maximum benefit from it.

While we consider ourselves a vital source of knowledge, we thought we would share some of the other blogs and resources that exist elsewhere. We hope that you find something of interest that helps demystify the jargon and bring you all the information you require.

Here, we round up our 10 most recommendable resources for you.

1. Legaltechnology.com

This popular blog mixes news stories about the latest innovations in the legal tech space with thought leadership commentary relating to important considerations and common concerns (such as cybersecurity). You can also find useful links to videos and webinars.

If you want to know about the latest technology, and how legal professionals are taking advantage of it, this is a good place to start.

2. Future Law Podcast

From London’s booming legal tech scene to the wave of innovation rippling through Stanford University, this podcast is a great resource for those who want to keep up with the global changes in legal tech.

As well as hearing from key legal tech evangelists, Future Law looks at practical issues such as re-regulation and the rule of law.

3. ELTALive

The European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) has produced a series of excellent webinars on subjects such as remote courts, data visualisation, and robot judges (we’re not kidding. You really need to see this episode).

The webinars are open to non-members and the conversations are very informative and watchable.

4. Legaltech Week

This weekly roundtable discussion is available via a dedicated YouTube channel, and features regular updates from journalists who specialise in the subject of legal innovation.

Subjects range from the niche ( new AI rules in Europe) to the general (the balance between remote and office working, and what is best for your business). There’s something for everyone, and the videos are usually less than an hour long, so they’re to the point and accessible.

5. Artificial Lawyer

Artificial Lawyer is a go-to resource for many legal professionals. It charts the entire legal tech universe, from innovation news to product walkthroughs and interviews with the leading players.

You’ll also find a vast trove of content that’s location-specific, for example if you live and work in the UK.

6. 3 Geeks and a Law Blog

This particular site takes a warm and light-hearted look at the legal tech space without ever losing sight of its importance. The content is a mix of opinion and interviews with people who are shaking up the industry.

There’s also plenty of specific advice for people who are struggling to recalibrate their operation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

7. Technically Legal

This podcast doesn’t just focus on the technology itself; it also talks about its implications. From analytics platforms that help firms get insight on juries, to AI solutions that streamline the hiring process, a stream of venerable hosts explain how digital innovation can help companies in their day-to-day work.

The podcast is primarily focused on America, but the topics it discusses are just as relevant for the UK and Europe.

8. Law Technology Today

This blog is specifically directed towards the UK and goes beyond the buzz and hype to offer practical tips about the legal tech sector.

At one end of the scale, it offers specialist tips on Microsoft Word for lawyers; at the other, it covers the dos and don’ts of emerging technologies such as video conferencing and digital payments.

No matter the technical challenges you’re facing right now, this site will walk through them with you.

9. LawNext

If you enjoy a chatty podcast, this could well be the perfect resource for you. LawNext covers the hottest start-ups and the most eye-catching deals in the legal tech space.

In addition it also discusses hot-button issues such as racism, diversity, and regulatory reform. We love the presentation as well; warm, witty, and down-to-earth.

10. Legal IT Professionals

As its name suggests, this blog is written as much for the people providing the technology as those who benefit from it.

There’s a great mix of news, videos, and interviews, as well as a bunch of thought-provoking opinion pieces that analyse the dilemmas and complications of legal tech. We guarantee you won’t run out of content!

11. Lexology.com

Lexology offers a huge range of resources, analysis, and insights, from interviews and primary research reports, to webinars and engaging videos. Over 450 articles are published on a daily basis.

If you’re worried that there’s too much content to sift through, don’t be deterred. With the My Lexology functionality you can use filters to customize your news feed. This includes selecting your geographical region, areas of legal interest, and jurisdictions to follow, so you can ensure you always get news that’s relevant to you.

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