2M Group of Companies signs first commercial agreement to supply Morro™ plastic-free coating to Huhtamaki

Morro image
  • 2M Group of Companies to exclusively supply Xampla plastic-free Morro™ Coating solution on Huhtamaki’s premium corrugate board foodservice containers
  • Huhtamaki leading provider of packaging solutions to leading global brands in foodservice, food packaging and everyday necessities
  • Morro™ coating technology marks another step in Huhtamaki’s sustainability journey towards 100% renewable materials

Huhtamaki and 2M Group of Companies have announced the first ever multi-year supply deal to deploy Xampla’s plastic-free Morro™ Coating polymer to replace traditional barrier coatings in a range of takeaway boxes.

The deal between Huhtamaki and 2M Group of Companies will see Morro™ Coating deployed at scale in selected foodservice on-the-go applications, enhancing Huhtamaki’s wider use of alternative recyclable and compostable packaging solutions derived from renewable sources.

Huhtamaki’s UK manufacturing facilities supply innovative packaging solutions to leading global Quick Service Restaurant, Specialty Coffee and catering brands.

Developed by Cambridge based deep-tech company Xampla, Morro™ Coating is an alternative to both renewable and fossil-derived plastic coatings. Made from plant protein, the material is food contact safe and delivers excellent grease, water and oxygen barrier performance as well as heat-seal ability.

Classified as a natural polymer, Morro™ Coating is completely free from both Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS), known as ‘forever chemicals’, and plastic.  The material is exempt from the Single Use Plastic Directive.

A completely natural material, it can be used on a variety of substrates and tailored for use across many food packaging  applications.

Alexandra French, CEO at Xampla, said: “This deal marks a landmark expansion of our Morro™ Coating in market for the packaging industry, demonstrating our support to the industry and our plastic-reduction ambitions.

"The biggest name players in the food sector trust Huhtamaki as the first choice in sustainable packaging solutions, so their introduction of Xampla’s coating allows a positive environmental change to benefit millions of consumers.

“Partnerships like these are what drive us. Where there is a joint commitment to enable plant-based solutions at scale for the maximum benefit to the natural environment."

Mottie Kessler OBE, Chair and CEO of the 2M Group of Companies said, “The 2M Group of Companies are committed to promoting sustainable solutions using innovation in science and manufacturing.

“We are proud to be working with Huhtamaki, one of the leading packaging manufacturers in the world and Xampla to deliver alternatives to plastic packaging, which help create a better future for our planet”

Andy Hesp, General Manager Huhtamaki UK & Ireland, said:  “At Huhtamaki, our ambition and values to lead the way in sustainable food packaging are clear.

"Packaging enhances food security and makes everyday necessities more hygienic, more accessible and more affordable.

"The adoption of Xampla’s technology on some of our core food service solutions further contributes towards our drive to protect food, people and the planet."

Xampla's landmark partnership with the 2M Group of Companies was announced last year and this exciting milestone represents significant progress on the commercialisation of Morro™ technology.

The 2M Group of Companies and Xampla were successfully awarded an Innovate UK SMART grant to scale-up the manufacture, supply and distribution of Morro™ Coating to multiple tonnes per day.

The deal will give Huhtamaki exclusivity on use of the coating in food service containers made from fluted corrugate board.  2M Group of Companies is looking to agree further partnerships for other applications of Xampla technology.

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