Agile capability and maturity assessed from 7 perspectives with Monetical.Agile

Monetical dashboard

Delivering Agile is hard work. Many organisations and teams that embark on a journey to transform themselves from traditional waterfall to an Agile process of value delivery, find that Agile principles are easily described but hard to embed. With over 10 years of Agile transformation experience, Monetical has established that successful Agile implementations monitor their progress against a set of industry best practices. The Monetical Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) now includes seven capability and maturity assessments bundled into a tool called Monetical.Agile.

The seven capability and maturity assessments added to the Monetical KaaS are performed at recommended phases on the transformation timeline, or during Evaluate-Design-Adopt phases of an existing Agile implementation. The monitoring enabled through these seven assessments ensures Agile organisations and teams focus attention to create upward spirals of Agile capability improvement.

These assessments combine to provide a multi-perspective evaluation of Agile capability and maturity:

  1. Transformational Success Factors
  2. Organisational Agility
  3. Team Awareness & Readiness
  4. Agile 12 Principles adoption
  5. Team Health Check
  6. Agile Ways of Working
  7. Agile Capability

A more detailed explanation and the recommended timing of these assessments is provided in the full text version of this abstract.

Within Monetical.Agile a neat dashboard provides a cumulative view of 10 core agile organisational capabilities that cover the array of capability and maturity assessments (see Figure). The attractive visualisation enables key business and change owners to quickly appreciate where further effort or investment is needed, where Agile Ways of Working has been established and where continuous learning is already embedded.

Each of the 10 rings in the dashboard represent a specific capability of the organisation following the introduction of Agile ways of working and the adoption of an Agile mindset. Each ring is drawn as a series of 3 concentric circles. The inner circle represents the first time the assessment was taken, e.g. Sep 2018. The centre circle, e.g. Oct 2018 and the outer circle, e.g. Dec 2018. The dashboard visualises progress in the adoption of Agile. The more complete the coloring of the circle, the more successful the adoption of Agile in an organisation or team.

Further information

This is an abstract. A full text version can be viewed here.

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