Analysys Mason compares obligations of French & UK TV channels in independent production

Analysys Mason was invited to present to the French Syndicat des Producteurs Et Créateurs d'émissions de Télévision (SPECT) at its third conference on non-scripted programmes, held on 16 April 2015.


Analysys Mason compared the obligation systems for audiovisual independent production that have been implemented since the 1990s in France and the UK.

The aim of the presentation was to provide an overview of the obligations of TV channels in terms of independent production in France and the UK, highlighting their similarities and differences.

Topics covered by the presentation included:

  • the simultaneous introduction of TV quotas for independent production in 1990 and the protection of the rights of independent producers in the early 2000s
  • a high-level comparison of the respective obligations of DTT/cable/satellite channels in France and in the UK regarding independent production quotas and related conditions ('Terms of Trade' in the UK and 'Décrets Tasca' in France)
  • a general description of the principles of the BBC's Window of Creative Competition (WoCC) and its evolution as publicly considered by the BBC
  • quantitative elements about the evolution of the number of independent producers and their turnover since the introduction of the Terms of Trade in the UK.

"In a pan-European context and contrary to some clichés, the regulation of independent production in France and in the UK has followed parallel paths, ensuring the dynamism of their respective audiovisual industries and similar related investments, with nonetheless some differences in terms of implementation," points out Lluís Borrell, Partner and Global Head of Media at Analysys Mason.

The presentation to the conference, which you can download below, also highlighted:

  • similarities in the concerns shared by public authorities that are generally behind some of most stringent obligations in Europe for the main broadcasters
  • differences regarding the broader definition of qualifying programmes in the UK and France, where the focus is on scripted content
  • common questions around the balance between independent producers and broadcasters currently being debated in both countries.


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