Cambridge-based expert speaks at UK-China Tech Forum Founder and CEO Ting Zhang will chair a panel this week at the latest instalment of the UK-China Tech Forum, hosted by TechUK, CBBC and in partnership with the Department of International Trade (DIT).

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Wednesday 23rd September

10:00-11:00 BST UK time

Covid-19 and rising tensions in the US-China relationship have had a detrimental impact on global trade. The global pandemic has also served to quicken the pace of digital transformation, increasing numbers of businesses adopting digital technologies to optimise performance, boost productivity and reduce costs. Businesses are also increasingly looking to adopt more flexible, ethical and sustainable business models, with digital innovation acting as a key enabler.

The UK and China are both world-leading centres for tech innovation that are actively responding to these global challenges. Closer collaboration between the two countries, in terms of joint R&D and commercial partnerships, can play a vital role in addressing these challenges, benefiting people, profit, and planet. This session will explore the key trends in digital transformation and sustainable tech in both countries, as well as addressing the wider challenges and opportunities for UK-China tech collaboration.

As the Co-Vice Chair of the Forum, Ting will chair the panel "The Future of Industry and Digital Transformation ".

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About the UK-China Tech Forum

Jointly hosted by techUK and the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), the UK-China Tech Forum is a platform to allow businesses to engage with key stakeholders in government and business in areas of UK-China tech trade, policy and market growth in both countries. The forum is for representatives of businesses, government and other stakeholders interested in influencing or understanding the policy landscape impacting the technology sector, trade relations, and the market opportunities and challenges in China and the UK.

The forum brings members together to discuss issues and events that may impact their growth in the UK and China and provides an avenue for collective concerns to be aired and discussed with both governments. Moreover, it provides a platform for participants to explore emerging opportunities for growth and expand their business networks via topical engagements throughout the year.



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