Cambridge Cleantech responds to IPCC report - starkest reminder yet of work that remains to be done


Cambridge Cleantech sees the latest IPCC report  (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) - issued today - as the starkest reminder yet of the work that remains to be done to mitigate the climate crisis.

It says: "While the numbers are worrying, there is still course to steer the ship and limit the devastating effects of global warming, and we will continue to support clean energy and climate tech solutions that have the potential to do so."

“The IPCC’s climate change report has confirmed our worst fears – climate change has changed rainfall patterns, caused loss of Arctic sea ice, and is affecting ecosystems everywhere. It is a stark reminder for governments and businesses to take decisive action and to back up the lofty targets they have set with concrete next steps. And while the forecast is gloomy, let us not forget that we also have the chance to drastically change course over the next decade if we act today. One of the key ways to do this is to stand behind low carbon technologies which have the potential to bring down global emission levels. We have the solutions, what we now need is the political will to ensure they are implemented effectively,” said Martin Garratt, CEO of Cambridge Cleantech and Executive Director of Oxfordshire Greentech.

The UK government’s Clean Growth Strategy has laid the framework for decarbonising emission heavy industries and paving the way for boosting the low carbon economy. According to the report, the low carbon economy is expected to grow at 11 per cent per year between 2015 and 2030, four times faster than the projected growth of the economy as a whole. The recently published UK Innovation Strategy also emphasises that the role of energy and environmental technologies will be critical to achieving net zero. 

Cambridge Cleantech has been supporting the growth of the cleantech sector since 2011 and is the UK’s longest standing membership body for cleantech innovators. It will be organising an international conference to mark its r tenth anniversary and to celebrate the work of climate innovators on October 20th. This will be followed by a pre-COP 26 Cleantech Venture Day on October 21st, to help find and support the climate tech solutions we need to help prevent a climate catastrophe. Visit the website to know more.

Applications to apply to pitch are now open


Cleantech Venture Day:

Cleantech Venture Day is an annual pitching-and investment day where 24 of the most innovative climate-positive companies across Europe present their ideas to experienced investors and financiers, and has been running since 2006 in Finland and the UK. This November we are launching the event in a new digital format. Find out more here.

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