Chinese Science and Technology Minister visits TWI

Chinese Science and Technology Minister visits TWI

Chinese Science and Technology Minister, Mr Wang Zhigang, paid a visit to TWI headquarters near Cambridge last week (Friday 19 July 2019).

The visit by Mr Wang, the delegation from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and representatives from the Chinese Embassy has helped strengthen ties between China and TWI. TWI currently has around 30 Chinese Member Companies and is undertaking a range of research projects across several industry sectors.

Mr Wang was met by TWI Chief Executive, Professor Aamir Khalid, Dr Steve Shi (Director of Industrial Membership), Dr Paul Woollin (Director of Research and Technology), Professor Tat-Hean Gan (Director of Innovation and Skills), Dr Lei Xu (Arc Welding) and Mrs Catherine Condie (External Relations).

The high-level visit began with lunch and an introduction to and history of TWI, a summary of its membership and business structure and examples of successful technology and innovation partnerships. This was followed by a tour of laboratories and a description of work carried out in its laser, surfacing, friction and electron beam facilities from specialists Dr Jon Blackburn, Mr Henry Begg, Dr Anthony McAndrew, and Dr Colin Ribton.

Mr Sunan Jiang, Minister Counselor of Science and Technology at the Chinese Embassy in the UK, expressed his sincere thanks for the visit, saying, ‘The long history focusing on welding and the research beacons of TWI, as well as the close links with Chinese counterparts really impressed us deeply.’

Prof Aamir Khalid, said, ‘It was an honour for our organisation to receive Mr Wang Zhigang and the Chinese delegation. We welcome this very valuable association and look forward to new research collaborations with industry in China.’


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