Civil rights icon Reverend Al Sharpton to give youth empowerment speech at Homerton College

US civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton will fly to the UK to give a lecture at Homerton College, Cambridge University, on Monday (26 February) about why he thinks young people must be at the forefront of global change.

Rev Sharpton with Lord Simon Woolley at Homerton College

Rev’d Sharpton is expected to say that in a world riddled with persistent, and at times growing, inequities, he believes empowering young people with a sense of purpose and the self-belief about their ability to make a difference will be a catalyst for positive change.

Rev’d Sharpton, who first visited the College a year ago in February 2023, will give his empowerment speech at an event organised by Homerton Politics Society and the Cambridge University African and Caribbean Society.

Homerton College Principal Lord Simon Woolley welcomed Rev’d Sharpton’s latest visit, saying: “I am beyond pleased to once again host perhaps the greatest orators of his generation, Reverend Al Sharpton, who has agreed to give a lecture on empowering young people to change the world.

“I couldn’t think of a better person to give that lecture, given his five decades of civil rights campaigning. Everybody is excited.

“He said to me, ‘Simon, what you’re doing at this global institution is nothing short of phenomenal, and as long as I’m fit and healthy I will come back to support you and Homerton.’ That is a testimony to what we are doing here.”

Michael Lawson-Falomo, President of the Cambridge University African and Caribbean Society, said: “The ACS is extremely delighted to welcome back civil rights icon Reverend Al Sharpton. His work has played a pivotal role in the lives of so many, and there is no better person to inspire the next generation of changemakers and pioneers. 

“We’re excited to learn from his decades of expertise and to be inspired by his passion for change.”

Daniel Crosbie, President of the Homerton Politics Society, said: “I’m really excited to host Reverend Al Sharpton at our college. At a time of growing inequality and injustice around the world, it’s vitally important that students are engaged in the battle for human rights. 

“I hope that by giving students the chance to hear first-hand from a figure who has been at the forefront of this fight for over five decades, we can inspire my generation to take up the mantle and rise to the challenge.”

Pictured: Rev Sharpton with Lord Simon Woolley at Homerton College. Credit: David Johnson

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