Conquer your fear and take to the skies with Cambridge Aero Club!

Are you a nervous flyer? Do you get anxious at the very thought of stepping onto an aeroplane? Do you dream of effortlessly and without worry stepping onto your business or holiday flight, being able to relax whilst the preflight checks are being carried out and the aircraft is pushed back to taxi to the runway? This can be a reality!


The Cambridge Aero Club is one of the few Flight Training Organisations in the UK to offer a Fearless Flying course, designed to help people overcome their fear of flying and enable them to confidently take to the skies! Through a combination of theory and actual flight experience with one of its highly trained instructors, the Cambridge Aero Club is working to equip people with the confidence that they will need to defeat their fear of flying.

Records produced by ICAO in 2014 show that, in 2013 member states across the world recorded the fewest number of fatalities in commercial scheduled air transport since the year 2000. Only 90 accidents were reported, resulting in an accident rate of 2.8 per 1 million departures. Scheduled passenger traffic flights numbered approximately 32.1 million in 2013, which certainly proves that statistically, the chances of an issue arising with flying are very minimal. It’s actually rather riskier to ride a bicycle in Cambridge that to take to the skies.

Starting with a one-to-one briefing which covers questions or worries people may have about flying, the highly experienced instructor will take customers step by step through the process of flying. They will gain a basic understanding of the theory behind aviation and an overview of the specialised engineering involved.

‘Confidence through positive experience’

The Half day course for one is £250, or bring along a friend to fly together twice for only £400!

The course includes:

  • 40 minute briefing with an instructor, including an introduction to the rich history of Marshall and an in-depth discussion of the practicalities of flying
  • Tour of Marshall hangers in order to gain an understanding of how aeroplanes are built and maintained.
  • One hour flight in a Cessna 172 with one of our senior Instructors (or 1 x one hour + 1 x 40min flight with the Fly Twice deal).
  • Complementary refreshments and a light lunch after flying.
  •  An end of course certificate showing successful completion of the Cambridge Aero Club

Fearless Flying experience days take place in the morning between the hours of 9am and 1pm, and take three hours to complete.

Cambridge Aero Club, which is owned by Marshall of Cambridge, operates a training, and touring, fleet of modern and, particularly well equipped, Cessna 172 and 182 aircraft. The Aero Club also offers aerobatic training in an Extra 200 aircraft. Some of the Aero Club’s Instructors are former RAF test pilots employed by Marshall Aerospace & Defence Group. Formed in 1929, the Cambridge Aero Club is one of the oldest Flying Schools in the world and has a very wide customer base.

For further information contact:

Group Support Executive
The Marshall Group of Companies
The Airport, Newmarket Road
Cambridge, CB5 8RX
Tel: 01223 373227 (Office)./ 07785 316763 (mobile)


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