Critical intellectual property safeguarded with Darktrace AI


Artificial Intelligence Defends Sensitive Client IP at Leading Pharma Manufacturer

Darktrace, the world leader in AI technology for cyber defense, has today announced that CordenPharma, a leading pharma manufacturer, has selected its AI technology to defend its clients’ critical intellectual property, including drug registration applications, molecular formulae, patient records, production processes, and manufacturing records.

“Intellectual property is the bedrock on which pharmaceuticals’ development and manufacturing is built,” commented Brandon Frontz, IT Systems and Network Administrator, CordenPharma. “With drugs and medication manufacturing, the clients’ trust in our services is critical. Darktrace’s AI empowers us to defend pharmaceutical companies’ highly sensitive data against sophisticated attacks, including ‘unknown unknowns’, and to maintain that trust.”

Powered by machine learning and AI algorithms, the Enterprise Immune System is capable of detecting subtle and sophisticated threats that are routinely missed by traditional security tools. It works by building an understanding of what constitutes the normal ‘pattern of life’ for CordenPharma’s network and leverages that understanding to detect emerging attacks. It can then generate a precise autonomous response, neutralizing threats within seconds.

“It is critical that all pharmaceutical companies recognize that threats are only increasing in speed and sophistication,” said Rob Sass, Managing Director, North America, Darktrace. “By choosing Darktrace, CordenPharma is armed with AI that is capable of detecting cyber-threats of all types, including novel and stealthy attacks.”

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