'Delivering Value' - Johnson Matthey publishes 2012 Annual Report

Johnson Matthey has published ‘Delivering Value’, its 2012 Annual Report, which is an integrated report covering all aspects of the company’s financial and non-financial performance.

It is available online at www.matthey.com/AR12.

The report aims to demonstrate how Johnson Matthey delivers superior value for its stakeholders. It combines the company’s financial, social, health and safety and environmental performance and reflects the five elements of sustainability which Johnson Matthey believes have a material impact on its business.

Sustainability continues to be a key element of Johnson Matthey’s strategy and the integrated report reflects the group’s values and determination to build a sustainable business as well as communicating to all its stakeholders its commitment to sustainable growth.

Report Highlights

Highlights in the integrated report include: 
•Details of Johnson Matthey’s strategy to deliver superior long term growth through technology leadership.
•A review of financial, social, health and safety and environmental performance, including an update on the group’s progress towards its Sustainability 2017 Vision.
•Outcomes following the group’s February 2011 review of its sustainability strategy, including updates to its sustainability targets. 
•More comprehensive governance reporting, reflecting the changes introduced by the UK Corporate Governance Code.
•Case studies demonstrating how Johnson Matthey delivers value for its stakeholders and that highlight the many sustainability initiatives underway across the group.

Feedback on the report is welcomed– please email jmpr@matthey.com.

Johnson Matthey is a global speciality chemicals company and a leader in sustainable technologies. It has operations in over 30 countries and employs around 10,000 people worldwide. The group focuses on clean air, clean energy and low carbon technologies and has expertise in the application and recycling of precious metals. Johnson Matthey invests in R&D to develop products that enhance the quality of life for millions of people around the world.


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