Electronic component supply chain

Since 2020, component selection and availability have become limited. It will continue to be this way until 2027 (five years). Our thirteen-point strategy to deliver electronic products. This strategy is designed to enable the continual flow of product sales for SME businesses. 

Component shortages are evident in the semiconductor industry. This was attributed to the Covid pandemic, and a high demand for electronic products. It takes up to four weeks to grow a silicon ingot for making chips. Therefore, the market should have been quickly replenished. It did not recover, and there is no sign of recovery via distributors.

There are thirteen considerations when planning your strategy to deal with component issues:

  • Cost Implications.

  • Product Function.

  • Multiple Component Sources.

  • Component Parameter Ranges.

  • Market Assessment.

  • Vendor-Customer Strategy.

  • At-Risk Components.

  • Counterfeit Market.

  • Volume Builds.

  • Compliance Implications.

  • Hardware-Firmware Relationship.

  • Build Reference on PCB.

  • Product Database Management.

Silicon Cortex is positioned to offer advice and electronics design expertise to mitigate commercial and technical risks. All are required in equal measure for success to be assured.

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