Employee engagement app - would you like to take part in a pilot?

Team Coaching Boutique are looking for companies with 50+ employees to take part in an online training pilot. We have an App that allows staff both office and home based follow a micro and learning and development journey, learning as a team, but without the need for them to be in the same space at the same time. We have a number of leadership modules that can be accessed by the platform. These journeys are supported by individual and team coaching.

Leadership Transformation

We are looking for companies to test the Pilot "Employee Engagement" module, so we can get feedback for further development.  Access to the App and coaching would be without charge in exchange for constructive feedback 

More information including a brochure download can be found on our Team Coaching Boutique website.  Please Reach out to us. 


In a modern, fast-paced work environment, skills development and training can be challenging. 
Also, with more millennials joining the workforce, trainers, coaches and corporate L&D 
professionals acknowledge that the world is shifting from deep attention to hyper attention. So, 
organisations are looking for newer and more innovative methods to impart effective training to 
employees that enable positive outcomes. That is where microlearning and the power of the Code 
of Talent platform, supports development opportunities provided by us at TCB.

Understanding Microlearning

Microlearning refers to a type of training where content is delivered in small, bite-sized units. 
These units are designed to help learners understand a large volume of content by learning small 
chunks at one time.

A typical microlearning session lasts for about three to seven minutes or more, but never more 
than 20 minutes. Each session is extremely targeted and focuses solely on a particular skill, 
concept, topic or idea. So, when a learner completes one unit, they learn or acquire one skill. It is 
the perfect panacea for a world that is deficit in attention and plagued by hectic schedules.
However, research has shown that the human brain forgets 80% of what it has learned in 30 days 
if the brain does not try to retain it. That is where microlearning leaves other forms of learning 

TCB organises a session in such a manner that allows 
learners to get back to learning and referencing a few times 
a week and this helps to reverse the forgetting curve. Also, 
the platform provides training sessions that are engaging 
and innovative, encouraging learning to become a habit. 
That benefits the learners as well as the organisation. This 
is all supported by appropriate 121 Coaching and Team 

What Can Microlearning Teach?

The popularity of microlearning is related to the high usage 
of mobile devices. The trend today is to learn and study on 
the go. It is unimaginable that learners would spend hours 
studying a course on their handheld devices. As a result, 
learning developers are focusing on creating short but 
informative content. So, microlearning and mobile devices 
are perfectly symbiotic.

With the help of microlearning, learners can learn just about 
anything if it can be broken down into small topics and steps. 
The simplicity it offers enables learners to quickly grasp 
concepts and ideas and utilise them in their day-to-day work.
Microlearning Best Practices for Organisations

With coaches, consultants and facilitators being held 
more accountable for learning outcomes, microlearning 
is beginning to take a front seat and for good reason. In a 
corporate and large company environment, microlearning 
is an effective tool in the how-to applications and learning 


PLEASE REACH OUT TO US IF INTERESTED  john@teamcoachingboutique.com


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