ESG just one in a line-up of Cambridge Network events this autumn

ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) has become an increasingly important focus for investors who want to drive a smarter future. What exactly is it? And how can SMEs comply? Join Cambridge Network to discover answers to these questions and more, in one of a range of events coming up this autumn.

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ESG, investment and the SME

ESG, which Wikipedia says "could be considered a form of corporate social credit score", covers a huge raft of measures by which an SME can not only improve their business but also make it more attractive to investors. It can provide an indication of quality, how employees are treated, ethical trading, diversity and many other things.

This one hour online session (11am - 12pm) on Thursday 16th September - featuring three Network members  - will discuss ESG, its impact from an investment and investee angle, and what SMEs can do to comply.

It will include:

  • What is ESG and how important is it? An overview from the responsible investment angle - Charles O'Riordan, Foresight Group

  • What could SMEs and technology companies be doing about ESG, and how can actions be measured? Could ESG be an opportunity as well as a challenge? - Jo Slota-Newson, IQ Capital

  • How has an SME found the ESG process? How did they select their particular goals and what are the resources and cultural changes needed to deliver the goals? - Giorgia Longobardi, Cambridge GaN Devices

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Webinar success - catch up on YouTube

Cambridge Network events bring together bright people from its membership to describe and discuss topics of mutual interest. Since the first lockdown in March 2020, the Network has hosted nearly 100 online sessions covering a vast array of subjects. They have attracted close to 6,000 attendees from hundreds of different companies across all sectors  - both members and non-members.

Louise Rushworth, the Network's events manager, says: "We are immensely grateful to all the members who have given up their time to share their expertise and experience in our webinar series. The subject matter has been varied but always interesting, with virtual events offering an added bonus - that people from all over the world have been able to participate.

"Starting with a hybrid meeting this month, we are looking to return to face to face meetings when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we are running further webinars as detailed on the website.

"Anyone who wants to catch up can access our YouTube channel to see most of our previous online events."

Looking ahead...

Start the autumn term by taking part in some fascinating and diverse discussions, from making your website work well for your overseas audiences, to R&D tax credits, hybrid meetings, ESG, and employee development.

Sign up by following the links for events over the next couple of months including:

9September: Localization – how to avoid expensive mistakes (with Alpha CRC)

10 September: Do you need a cash incentive? (with EY)

14September: Hybrid meetings – Learn the art of planning and producing an effective event (with Audience Inc + The Crane Event)

16  September: ESG, investment and the SME (with Foresight Group, IQ Capital and Cambridge GaN Devices)

22 September: Workshop: How to optimise your employees (or yourself) (with Sara Penrose Ltd)

13 October: The choices when creating your content in new languages (with Apha CRC)

21 October: Making the Most of Cambridge Network Membership

Image by RoadLight on Pixabay

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