Finding a good, ethical Musculoskeletal Health Professional

Finding a good, ethical Musculoskeletal Health Professional should be easy, right? Unfortunately, the musculoskeletal health and wellness field can be rather hit and miss, and there are plenty of bad operators out there.

Image removed.One would like to think that healthcare professionals have the (patient's / consumer's) best interests at heart. However, unfortunately, the unsavoury truth is that is not always the case. The Musculoskeletal Wellness field is huge and largely unregulated, though immoral and unethical actors operate even within the regulated professions. Anybody can set themselves up to work with the Musculoskeletal and Wellness field and with little or no training. Alarmingly, and with social media's advent, marketers actively target health professionals with their highly dubious tried and tested sales marketing tactics. Many of these tactics have no place within the healthcare environment and directly contrast to professional ethics within the sector. Hence, it can often be challenging for consumers to make well-informed decisions when bad actors utilise highly lucrative and dubious sales and marketing techniques. The full article about Finding a good, ethical Musculoskeletal Health Professional aims to help educate consumers to make better-informed decisions.



About the author

As of December 31st 2020, the author chose to leave the Chiropractic profession and pursue studies within the Physiotherapy field. He no longer works as a Chiropractor and works as a Myotherapist in Morningside, Brisbane. The author possesses an unusual background for somebody who trained as a Chiropractor (McTimoney). His education, training, and practical experience span over two decades and relate to health's physical and mental aspects. He has also needed to push his own body and mind to the limits of physical and psychological endurance as part of his time serving in Britain's elite military forces. His education includes a bachelor of science degree in Business Management, with a specialisation in psychology and mental health in the workplace, an Integrated Masters in Chiropractic, MChiro and a multitude of soft-tissue therapy qualifications. His soft tissue qualifications range from certificate level right through to a BTEC Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy.

Terry also has extensive experience in security, work, health and safety and holds relevant certifications. He has also taught as a senior course coach at Advanced Diploma level (Myotherapy / Musculoskeletal Therapy) in Australia, both theoretical and practical aspects including advanced Myofascial Release Techniques and has certification in training and assessment. Terry will have taught many of the first students to train as Myotherapists in Brisbane. Terry's combination of knowledge through education, training, elite military service, and personal injury history has paid dividends for the patients he sees and has treated over the last 15 years. He has extensive experience treating chronic pain and work and sports-related musculoskeletal injuries. Terry is still very active and enjoys distance running, kayaking, mountain biking and endurance-type activities.

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